1 WHAT STUDENTS WILL BE LISTENING TO The University of Regina Students’ Union is bringing Arkells for their Welcome Week. It’s not clear whether it’s part of the University of Saskatchewan’s Welcome Week, but motherfucking Das Racist are listed as playing Louis’ Pub on Saturday, September 8.

2 ROB FORD’S NIECE AWFUL TOO Being related to Toronto’s mayor starts you in the negative column to begin with; she’s not helping anything by saying stuff that would make any SlutWalker start an immediate SlutWalk directly to her home.

3 FACT CHECK DOGS SICKED ON PAUL RYAN A lot of people on the internet are already fact check crazy. Vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan dropping some bullshit in his speech at the Republican National Convention was practically baiting them. Now, he’s doing a little backpedaling.

4 HEADLINE SAYS IT ALL “B.C. Liberals lose 3 more members”. Ouch.

5 SURVEY SAYS Posted at the Atlantic:

In a small but intriguing study, social scientists found that 75 percent of the homeless youth they surveyed use social networks and that their usage patterns were remarkably similar to college students.

Led by the University of Alabama’s Rosanna Guadagno, they surveyed 237 college kids and 65 homeless youth, both with an average age of a little over 19 years old. While a greater percentage of the students were on social networks (over 90 percent), both groups of users reported spending more than an hour per day using Facebook, Twitter, and the like.

6 NEED A BLUE RODEO PRIMER? Have they got a deal for you. (Replace “deal” with “eight disc box set that covers their career up to 1993 and you’re a little closer to the truth.)