Well, I mean I have it going on. A busy day, that is. Last Architects & Builders record released today, last show tonight. Things get sort of hectic!

1 ROB FORD IS A SITCOM CHARACTER I mean, he seems like he was created by a focus group for our collective amusement. Or frustration, if you’re the Toronto police force.

2 “F-BOMB” NOW IN DICTIONARY Which doesn’t seem as big a story to me as, hahaha you’re kidding me, “bucket list.”

3 DOES THIS PROVINCE MAKE US LOOK FAT? You can be honest. Fewer than 20 per cent of Saskatchewan residents said they were regularly physically active; like me, the other 80 per cent are probably all just really busy.

4 WHAT IS UP CANADIAN AUTO WORKERS UNION Good luck, I guess, with your contract negotiations, dudes. It’s a fun little canard for anti-union folks to look at this and grumble about how the greedy union workers are ungrateful what with the bailout of the auto companies letting them keep their jobs. I can empathize; after all, I really enjoy reading novels. Fiction is fun! But the crucial thing here is that – sort of like the money from the 2008 bank bailout! – once you find out where exactly that bailout money has gone (hint: General Motors CEO Richard Wagoner pocketed $14 million in 2008 without even taking his salary into consideration) into the pockets of people and consider the concessions made by the people much farther down the economic food chain, that argument sort of falls to shit. It also falls to shit when you look at how Mondragón works. So, like I said, good luck, union folks.

5 CANONIZING KATERI Pope Benedict is apparently set to canonize the first Aboriginal saint. And it’s a woman, no less.

6 STANDING HIS GROUND But not using the “stand your ground” defence – apparently, George Zimmerman is going to plead traditional self-defence. In the case where he trailed an unarmed teenager, jumped out of his car, pulled out a gun, and shot the kid to death. We’ll, uh, we’ll see how that goes.