6 in the Evening1 WALKING AWAY  Coastal First Nations from British Columbia have walked away from a federal review of the B.C. pipeline project. Art Sterritt, executive director of coastal first nations said that they can no longer hold out and waste both time and money in negotiations with the likes of deep-pocketed oil companies.

2 FOUND IT!  They’ve finally found and identified Richard III’s skeletal remains.

3 MORE TO LOVE  Couldn’t get enough of Beyoncé at the Super Bowl? You’re in luck! She’s announced her world tour! No prairie dates have been listed so far, but she’s been here before. So, it could happen.

4 WHAT TOOK SO LONG?  William Shatner is going to call astronaut Chris Hadfield… in space!

5 CHINESE SMOG  Japanese media is reporting choking smog drifting over from China. That’s just rude.

6 FRENCH LAWS SLACKEN  At long last, the women of Paris can wear pants with impunity! Lawmakers in the French capital have finally striken from the books a law that dates back to 1800 which forbids the sporting of trousers by ladies.