1 THE NHL SUCKS I guess there’s some news about negotiations, but whatever. This lockout should not have happened. At least there’s football! And hey, the Riders and Bombers both won. Weird about the Bombers. Great sub-head on that Free Press story!

2 HUGO CHAVEZ WON ANOTHER ELECTION He got 54% of the vote and 81 per cent of eligible voters voted. That’s a mandate.

3 CONTAMINATED CANADIAN MEAT ATTACKS HONG KONG And the story is right here. And there’s more here. But the best read is Bruce Johnstone’s Friday column in the Leader-Post, which contains this bit:

It would be easy to blame the latest crisis in the food industry on Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, who has been a convenient target for opposition critics thanks to his ham-handed handling of the E. coli outbreak at XL Foods.From his disappearing act in Ottawa at the height of the crisis to his impolitic remarks at a luncheon in North Battleford and misstatements about federal funding of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Ritz hasn’t exactly covered himself in glory on this file. But Ritz, for all his faults, is not the cause of this latest debacle. He’s merely a symptom of a bigger problem with the Harper government: specifically, it’s ideological fixation on smaller government, it’s blind faith in self-regulation and its tendency to micromanage every aspect of government policy.

Emphasis added by me. And yup, boy howdy do I agree. Although… actually I’m not sure it’s “blind faith in self-regulation” so much as they give the business lobby whatever it asks for even f it’s stupid. It’s probably a malignant combination. Either way, this is a very bad government and it always was.


5 CREATIONISM IS NOT FACT AND IT SHOULD NOT BE TAUGHT TO CHILDREN Despite what some goof in Ohio says. More on the story here.

6 THE LEADER POST RAN A CLASSIC RON PETRIE COLUMN And here’s a link to it. We are so sorry for his loss and send out virtual hugs to the family, friends and fans who miss him.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I’m thankful I don’t live in a country where this kinda misogynistic bullshit happens.