6 in the Evening1 IT’S A SCORCHA! Canada is hot, hot, hot.

2 NEWS INTERNATIONAL UPDATE Yesterday I linked to stories about the FBI investigating NotW and the resignation of editor Rebekah Brown. Well, some time after that went down, Dow Jones head Les Hinton resigned. As Dow Jones head, Hinton was the publisher of the Wall Street Journal, owned by Rupert Murdoch. Hinton was also the head of News International during the height of phone hacking. This is a sign that the phone hacking scandal is now affecting Murdoch’s American interests. As always, read all about it in the world’s best newspaper.

3 DEBT CRISIS ROLLING ALONG CRISISSILY Talking Points Memo reviews four ways to break Washington’s debt ceiling deadlock, while The Daily Beast has a piece on debt denial. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama takes his case to the American people.

4 YOU HAVE ONE CANADIAN INTELLECTUAL ICON WITH A BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK This Thursday will be the 100th anniversary of media uber-guru Marshal McLuhan. There’s a Michael Valpy piece in today’s Globe and Mail. Trivia: McLuhan is an alumni of the student press (the Manitoban).

5 2 DEPARTMENT OF OVERREACTIONS Saudi Arabia once again looks like a sick joke of a country after it beheads a blackmailer (seriously, how about a jail sentence, or is that not crazy-fanatic-psycho enough?) and a Mississippi woman demonstrates the excellence of U.S. gun culture when she tries to shoot a puppy but kills her husband instead.

6 OH, RIDERS The most profitable team in the CFL is off to a terrible, terrible start.

TONIGHT IN REGINA ROCK Handsome Furs at the Exchange, Hot Blood Bombers LAST SHOW EVAR at the Italian Club (2148 Connaught St.). I don’t have stage times on the Furs but I’d guess they won’t be on until 10:oo at the earliest, probably later. As for the Hot Blood Bombers, James Brotheridge says John Cameron says the band’s guitarist Dave Schneider told him go on at 11:00 and “play as long as the could” so it’s probably worth heading over to see HBB after the HF show.