“THE 18 PERCENT OF AMERICANS WHO IDENTIFY THEMSELVES AS TEA PARTY SUPPORTERS TEND TO BE REPUBLICAN, WHITE, MALE, MARRIED AND OLDER THAN 45.”: A New York Times poll confirms what a lot of people were already assuming about the Tea Party folks.

CAN’T KEEP A GOOD WRITER DOWN: StarPhoenix columnist Bob Florence is “awake, alert and undergoing physical rehabilitation as he recovers” from an attack on Feb. 27. More good news: they’ve charged a suspect, according to the Leader-Post.

TAXIDERMY, NAZIS, AND SEX: What’s there for Minister of Canadian Heritage James Moore not to love about this exhibit at the National Gallery? According to the Globe and Mail, Moore need not worry about kids seeing any of it, since they’ll be ID’ing everyone who comes in.

HOW IS THIS GUY NOT ALREADY IN JAIL?: Because if he really did use a samurai sword to break through an unlocked door, as CBC Saskatchewan reports, then he can’t be too bright.

NEAR-BEER WILL PROBABLY STILL BE AVAILABLE REGARDLESS: The Georgia Straight says the Vancouver PD considering closing liquor stores early during the Canucks playoffs run. Some are saying the PD are treating them like kids, but if they want to stay up past their bedtimes to watch the game, they shouldn’t complain if they get their bottles taken away from them.

MARLINS WILL SOAR: If you’ve been wondering what Scott Stapp of Creed fame is up to, the answer is just pouring out love for the Florida Marlins: