Inspired by last night’s Talkies screening of They Saved Hitler’s Brain, here’s a Six in the Evening dedicated to Hitlers in T.V. and film off the top of my head. (Also, the next Talkies is July 16 at the Creative City Centre. I suggest you go.)

1 THEY SAVED HITLER’S BRAIN It isn’t just Hitler’s brain they saved — it was his hangdog face and the head that goes along with it. He doesn’t say much as they cart him around. Hitler mostly seems bummed out, except when he witnesses a shooting. That really gets him going.

2 DANGER 5 Each week, the heroes of this Australian series from the creators of Italian Spiderman were tasked with killing Hitler. In turn, the German dictator employs mind control, lizard people, robots and every other 1960s B-movie plot to try and foil them.

3 DOWNFALL I’m sure the Dog Blog has posted a few edits of the meme-worthy scene where Hitler flips his lid, accompanied by new subtitles for every version. Just about every big event for a while had a subsequent video of this Hitler getting mad about it.

4 HEIL HONEY I’M HOME! A T.V. show has to hit a lot of different marks at once to get yanked after the first episode airs. This goof on the I Love Lucy-style sitcom, with Hitler and Eva Braun replacing Desi and Lucy, seemed designed to get the boot.

5 INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE It’s a brief cameo, to be sure, when our favourite adventurer bumps into the Fuhrer. But when the two best installments are of this series are full-up with Nazis, if Henry Jones didn’t meet Hitler at least once, it would be a big letdown.

6 THE GREAT DICTATOR Chaplin was sticking it to Hitler before any of the folks above.