Six At Night: Hot Regina Nights Edition

1. FLIP SHUTS ITS GLASS EYE, BUT ONLY TEMPORARILY. Flip Eatery on Hamilton has voluntarily closed its doors after a group of E. coli cases was traced back to the restaurant. Don’t blame Flip, though; E. coli has been going around lately. The modern world is a confounding contradiction of shining surfaces and bacterial horror. The microbial world, it’s the new Evil Empire.

2. THIS IS THE BEST EXPLANATION OF THE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE YET. David Rees of Get Your War On responds to a post-debate Obama fundraising email. Seriously, read it.

3. THIS HOMOPHOBIC SLUR IS ACTUALLY OLDER THAN ME. The North Vancouver School District is apologizing to Robin Tomlin for a 1970 yearbook photo caption. The caption? “Fag.” Tomlin is pleased that an apology is forthcoming.

3.5 OMG guys I’m watching Point Break for the first time and Keanu Reeves is totally about to get his face lawmowered off.

4. THE SIMPSONS PREDICTS THE FUTURE, UNFORTUNATELY. Remember that fantastic classic Simpons episode where Homer sues an all-you-can-eat seafood restaurant after being kicked out? Well, fiction repeats itself, first as farce, then as more farcical farce.

5. HA HA YOU SUCK PALEONTOLOGISTS OR WHATEVER MAMMOTH SCIENTISTS ARE. An 11 year-old Russian boy stumbled across the carcass of a 30,000 year-old woolly mammoth. We now know for sure that mammoths don’t live for 30,000 years.

6. WHAT? Just who is Pat Fiacco’s father-in-law? This makes no sense.

Author: Aidan Morgan

Aidan is a very serious man who's saving up for a nice dignified pipe. Then we'll see who's laughing.

8 thoughts on “Six At Night: Hot Regina Nights Edition”

  1. 2. Nobody believed Romney. He’s running for president in a parallel universe. Nobody wants him, trust me. But Obama did suck.

    6. We bemoan boring elections, then bemoan Chad Novak for making it humorous. We suck.

  2. 5. The lad found a carcass of a wolly mammoth. The remains could be 30,000 years old.
    This very interesting.
    From books I’ve read many years ago,to a TV program I watched a few months ago,they both hit on a similar oddity.

    They both mention a time, when Earth,or just the northern hemisphere ,( could/must have ),experienced a severe sudden drop in temperature.
    Last week, here in riderville it was 20 somthing during the day, tommorrow we are looking forward to -11…OUCH!! Freeze-dried au naturel.
    But the wollies went from a relitivaly nice day to Whomp! -150!! c/f?.. it doesn’t matter
    Don’t forget Yuka,the infant mammoth found last spring.

  3. I just mean all these people who seem horribly offended and put-out by Novak’s mere presence; it’s a #YQR election. Most ppl only give a shit when there’s someone to roll their eyes at.

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