6 in the Evening1 OBAMA GOES SOTU The Guardian has stuff.

2 CANADA’S GOVERNMENT IS MAYBE KIND OF SHITTY Not listening to informed opinions when they’re different, drafting legislation that’s so stupid they can’t even support it, appointing senators for places where those senators don’t even live, tossing money at religious charities (which is producing some rather ironic karma) and making Canada a bigger player in the arms industry. Barf.

3 MOVIE-STYLE DRAMA The situation with that ex-LAPD cop is intense.

4 THE “R” IN “REGIONAL HEALTH AUTHORITY” STANDS FOR “REAL PROFESSIONAL” Apparently some Regina Qu’Appelle Regional Health Authority employees are dirty rotten snoops. Gotta love the “everybody does it” excuse, too.

5 NORTH KOREA, BLECHHH They really should stop testing bombs and freaking everyone out.

6 SEA SLUG PENISES ARE WEIRD Apparently they’re detachable. Wait, that reminds me of something…