1 CBC CUTS: FACEBOOK GROWS ANGRY Dunno about yours but a lot of my Facebook friends are furious about the CBC cuts, especially the cancellation of the terrific radio show Dispatches. Some quotes: “Dispatches is one of the best shows out there, whatever medium. Harper sucks,” “I guess I picked the wrong time to get into radio,” and my favourite, “For a government that claims to better define and advance Canada’s role in the world, the Conservatives don’t seem to want Canadians to better understand what’s going on it.”

2 MISSING AND PRESUMED DUMB The  Florida dude who killed an unarmed black 17-year-old has escaped from his lawyers and launched a terrible website.

3 MOMS, KIDS AND HOMES IN WHICH TO LIVE Two new homes for at-risk mothers and their children are being built in Saskatoon. Sounds great to me.

4 DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT I’D RATHER RUN THE SLIGHT RISK OF A BENIGN TUMOUR THAN HAVE MY TEETH ROT OUT Speaking of which, I gotta see a dentist soon. Oh yeah: there’s a new report  on dental X-rays and tumors.

5 MY POOR, DOOMED HOCKEY TEAM HAS THE WORST LUCK IN PRO SPORTS The Columbus Blue Jackets had the best chance of walking off with the first overall pick, so naturally the Edmonton Oilers won the 2012 NHL draft lottery. For the third year in a row. To sum up the BJ’s woes in a word: ouch. If the Oil hold onto the pick and draft Pavel Buresque Nail Yakupov #1, look the hell out. It’ll be the 1980s all over again. Three of the top five picks are going to Canadian teams, by the way.

6 OH YEAH, R.I.P. WIEBO LUDWIG Canada’s only convicted anti-oil industry bomber died  yesterday.

VIDEO! Don’t text while you walk because there might be bears. NOTE: everything ended up okay for every living thing in this video so don’t worry. (Via Boing Boing)