(Las Vegas) Today is supposed to be Armageddon. Like Raul Duke before me, I wanted my doomsday to have a Sin City backdrop. So, here I am. Prairie dog’s Vegas bureau. I’m sitting poolside with a chelada (Why the eff don’t we get these in Canada?) in my trembling hands.

I was at a bachelor party last night. My sister gets married tomorrow. But, I felt like “zombie-pocalypse” was a lock and I took a few chances I normally wouldn’t.  It’s been nearly an hour since the rapture was supposed to befall us, the gleeful sinners. If angry Zombie Christ was going to smite humanity I think this is where he’d start. Vice, deviance and plunder are encouraged here. This town loves a drunk and last night it loved me like the southern states love Dale Earnhardt collector plates.

I’m a little disappointed. I expected fire, brimstone, and Rush tunes to trumpet down from the heavens. I’m talking really shitty Rush….Roll the bones era. Not sure why, but I’m pretty convinced that when the world ends Geddy Lee will provide the soundtrack. Instead I’m sitting here with an empty wallet and a terrible headache. Oh well, I guess I’ll just wait till 2012.