Simon Pegg & Nick Frost’s Star Wars

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s latest movie Paul opens this Friday. While shooting the film, the duo decided to remake Star Wars. They only shot one scene. Personally I’d rather see them finish the film than see George Lucas re-release the films in 3-D.

Author: Shane Hnetka

Shane Hnetka spends most of his life watching movies and reading comic books, using his vast knowledge of genre culture for evil instead of good.

5 thoughts on “Simon Pegg & Nick Frost’s Star Wars”

  1. I was going to email but this post gives me the perfect opportunity to point out that Castillo’s little blurb about “Paul” (which stars the above mentioned Pegg & Frost) seems to imply that their long time writing partner is directing it, when according to imdb, “Paul” is directed by Greg Mottola of “Superbad” & “Adventureland” fame. Wright merely has a credit for “Paul” as a script editor.

    It’s an easy mistake to make, which I made as well: as soon as I see Frost & Pegg I immediately think Wright, but apparently it is not the case this time. I agree with Castillo: Paul looks like shit and I was surprised it was Wright’s next move after his spectacular version of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. So I hope that clears that up.

  2. **Note– In the above post I failed to mention Castillo’s blurb appears on page 23 of the March 10-23 issue of the print version of the dog.


  3. Moon Daddy: that might be my mistake as an editor–I thought this was the big Wright/Pegg/Frost follow-up to Hot Fuzz. Dammit. Also, the film blurbs are written by Shane Hnetka of Saturday Morning Cartoon/Sunday Matinee fame, not Jorge. I’m not sure which of the pair are bitchier but it’d be a hell of a lot of fun to go for beers (diet cokes in Shane’s case) with both of them. Sometimes it really sucks that Jorge lives in Vancouver.

  4. Speaking of Shane, where did his “Super Saturday Morning Cartoon Hour” go? It’s been MIA since January, and I thought it was supposed to be monthly?

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