Shotgun Jimmie’s “Standing In A Line”

Shotgun-Jimmie-SMALLSOITLOADSIf you’re reading this in Regina today, the return of the crappy cold might have you down. Here’s a remedy to put on a repeat: a new track from Shotgun Jimmie.

His last record, 2011’s Transistor Sister, was a minor masterpiece, a shaggy bit of honest rock from a Canadian original. He’s back with a new one, Everything, Everything, out March 26 on You’ve Changed Records. The current native of Manitoba is teasing that release with “Standing in a Line”, the lead song from the new album. At just over a minute, you can pump this one a few times by the end of today, reveling in the closing lines: “On with the show biz/If you like sleeping on couches/Put your money where your mouth is.”

Regina will always have a couch or two available to you, Jimmie.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

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  1. He looks so nice and normal there, like a small town boy with big dreams who was unfortunately forced to settle for work as a ag supplement salesman with BayerCropScience.

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