Shatner/Balfour: Debunked

One of the most persistent myths of the Queen City is that William Shatner went to Balfour Collegiate. Available facts do not support this. Shatner grew up in Montreal and attended either Verdun or Baron Byng High School there. The closest link Shatner has to Saskatchewan is his appearance in the 1979 film Riel.

There is, however, a legendary sci-fi action hero with Saskatchewan roots:

Author: Emmet Matheson

Saskatchewan Diaspora

7 thoughts on “Shatner/Balfour: Debunked”

  1. “Available facts do not support this.” There is no supporting evidence behind this myth. It has no substance. In my ten years on the trail of Shatner in Regina, the closest thing to meat on this bone of a rumour is that Public School Board official once remarked that the records for the year Shatner supposedly attended Balfour were “incomplete”, which wonderfully allows for the slightest possibility that Shatner did attend Balfour in the same way that it allows for the possibility that monkeys flew out of my butt.

  2. I heard the same rumour about Shatner, except that he was supposed to have attended Central or Scott.

  3. I guess somebody is going to have to get VIP tickets to the event, go meet Mr. Shatner, and ask him.

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