The two Regina stops on this continent spanning (except for Mexico) tour should have extra resonance for Shania Twain. I twigged onto that when I was doing some background research, and found out that her birth name is Eilleen Regina Edwards.

For someone who’s been a reasonably big name in country music for 20 years, Twain doesn’t have a ton of output. In fact, she’s only got four studio albums which range from her self-titled debut in 1993 to Up! in 2002.

Of course, she did have a bit of a health setback in 2011 related to lesions on her vocal chords that necessitated her taking time away from singing to heal. But it’s as a live performer that she’s truly made her mark. Her most recent triumph was a two-year residency show called “Still the One” that she performed at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas from 2012 to 2014.

Her current North American tour, which sees her stop in Regina for shows at Brandt Centre on Sunday Oct. 18 and Monday Oct. 19, is officially billed as the “Rock This Country Tour” but she’s also characterized it as a farewell tour.

Twain turned 50 on Aug. 28, which is old enough to want to escape the rigors of touring, I suppose. But whether she’ll stick with that plan or not remains to be seen. And in the Canada AM interview linked to above she says she still has plans to record a new album, so it seems like her legion of fans won’t have seen the last of her after this tour comes to a close.

You can find more about the Regina shows on the Brandt Centre website. And here’s a video for a song called “I Ain’t No Quitter” that was used as part of her Vegas show