Seven Billion & Counting

Last time I checked, humanity was supposed to hit the seven billion mark next summer. But apparently that date’s been moved up. Now, it’s supposed to happen on Oct. 31. We passed six billion in 1999. So in roughly 12 years we’ve managed to add one billion people. By 2050, the linked article projects, we could reach 9.3 billion. And worst case scenario is that the population could hit 15 billion by 2100.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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2 thoughts on “Seven Billion & Counting”

  1. Wow, I can’t listen to anyone who says 9-15 billion won’t be a crisis. 7 billion now is a bit of a crisis. Does this guy think the rich will suddenly share the wealth? Global warming will stop? Fish stocks will rebound sans being polluted? H will bond with 2O for a new fresh source of water? Energy companies will abandon oil and embrace renewables? Huh? What?

  2. So what are we gonna do?

    Just for fun it’s 21 Billion by 2200.

    not many of us now really give a S.

    I’m gonna buy soylent stocks now..& pass them along to my GGGGrand Chilidren.

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