Seth’s Dominion

In our April 16 issue, you may recall, Paul Constant did an interview with the Canadian cartoonist/graphic novelist Seth about his exhibition DominionĀ at the Dunlop Art Gallery.

The exhibition is part of an ongoing project Seth is engaged in, where he references the settlement history of Canada in the early 20th century, when towns and cities were springing up in different locations, and settlers were arriving in droves, eager to find success for themselves and their families and to contribute to the growth of their chosen community.

The exhibition is on at the Dunlop until July 5. On Monday June 1 the gallery and the RPL Theatre is hosting a screening of an NFB documentary produced by Marcy Page and Gerry Flahive and directed by Luc Chamberland that examines Seth’s art project in greater detail.

The screening, which is free, is at 7 p.m. on Monday. Here’s the trailer

Author: Gregory Beatty

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