I usually think the zombie “thing” has played itself out, pop-culture-wise, but Screaming Females handle the concept deftly in the video for their single “It All Means Nothing,” streaming now at Rolling Stone‘s website. Picking up where their “Leave It All Up to Me” video left off, with the death of singer-shredder Marissa Paternoster, “It All Means Nothing” features some overzealous goths, a resurrected Paternoster, and what could be lightly termed “intra-band conflict.”

Further exploring their interest in the worryingly undead, Screaming Females will be hitting the road with ’90s rockers Garbage this autumn. Apparently, they were Paternoster’s “first favourite band”, so this tour is sort of a touching idea—not that the band I’m in is now clamouring to tour with these guys. And though it’s not official yet, but it’s likely that Screaming Females will be coming through Regina in late September. Garbage won’t be in tow for that show, though, to the disappointment of any comers wanting to hear “Push It”, or just give Butch Vig a big ol’ noogie.