We received a press release today that announced that SCN, the former provincial education broadcaster that the Wall government privatized in its first term, had signed an affiliate agreement with CityTV. Here’s an excerpt from the release explaining what it means:

In an aggressive pursuit to increase its presence in key markets across Canada, Citytv has signed an affiliate agreement with Saskatchewan Communications Network (SCN), the two networks announced today.

Beginning January 2, Citytv programming [which includes shows like Terra Nova, New Girl, Modern Family, 30 Rock, Alcatraz] will air from 3 p.m. to 5:59 a.m. CST every day, at which time the network will officially be called ‘Citytv on SCN’.  Throughout the remainder of the day, the station will be referred to as ‘SCN’, and will continue to air educational and children’s programming, commercial free.

“Early on, we identified Saskatchewan as one of the key markets in which we sought to expand our footprint.  This deal allows us to deliver our world-class programming to the entire province and extend the popular Citytv brand,” said Scott Moore, President of Broadcasting, Rogers Media.  “Having a dedicated Citytv presence in Saskatchewan gives viewers a more consistent and reliable viewing experience.  It also offers the people of Saskatchewan great Canadian programming, which cannot be found on U.S. networks.”

With the move, SCN is signalling its intention to join the big boys (CTV, Global and CBC) in the Saskatchewan television market. It also serves as a strong statement from corporate Canada that Saskatchewan is now perceived as a desirable market where there’s money to be made.  As an entity that’s been operating in Regina for almost 19 years, prairie dog is pleased that we’re suddenly looked upon with such favour by the big players on Canada’s media landscape.