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Had a conversation with Whitworth recently about how it sucks that The Far Side is gone because it means there are no science comics anymore.

Upon reflection, it’s occurred to me that thanks to the interweb, there are now many science comics. Some of which are made by actual scientists. One of the funniest and most widely read is xkcd. And one of my favourite xkcd comics is at left, Cetrifugal Force. Also worth checking out are Atheists, Honor Societies, and Uselesss.

For the record, I’m not a fan of stick art. I don’t find it charming. Anybody — and I mean anybody — can learn to draw better than this. Many people never bother to, which is fine. But they don’t go on to become cartoonists.

The writing in xkcd is so good, though, I can get past the shitty art.

Author: Paul Dechene

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2 thoughts on “Science Comics”

  1. As far as stick-men go, xkcd has the best stick art around. In the earlier strips, the authour would occasionally draw more complex things when needed. He actually has pretty decent drawing chops.

    But yeah, I feel you, Paul. Maybe the new rule should be: ‘Stick figures are only allowed as long as the artist has decent drawing skills and is a fantastic writer.’

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