Scheming Calgary Developers And Regina

Everyone needs to see last night’s news report by Global Calgary about that city’s developers plotting to buy influence with (actually, total control of) City Hall. Really, the only thing surprising about this is that it was caught on tape, because meetings like this, where wealthy and well-organized individuals discuss controlling democratic institutions, surely occur all the time.

The question for Reginans: is this happening here? Well, I can’t think of a significant instance since Dechene started covering City Hall where our council voted against the interests of property owners and developers. In fact, our city council’s collective position seems to be that property owner and developer interests ARE Regina’s interests. This is of course nonsense. Sometimes they are and sometimes they certainly are not.

I do know that a lot of really good people are no longer with our City’s civil service–people like Bob Bjerke, suspiciously fired in 2011, who enforced city policies rather than signing off on whatever developers wanted, when they wanted it, whether it benefited the city or not.

Maybe it’s time for Regina’s amateur secret agents to shoot some video of our business community’s closed-door meetings.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

19 thoughts on “Scheming Calgary Developers And Regina”

  1. At the risk of opening yet another round of nonsense with the guy bucking for the Master Baiter title, all I did was state the obvious, in two instances.

  2. Barb, I don’t call you names, and I certainly don’t make sexualized comments about you. This isn’t the first time you’ve made disgusting comments about my sexuality. You’re sick. Get help.

  3. Emmet: I don’t shout at you, as you did at me above; I have a punning sense of humour, which you obviously do not (in fact, you see to lack a sense of humour entirely); and you’re obsessed with reading into people’s remarks things that are not there, because you are extraordinarily thin-skinned and self-absorbed. If anyone needs help, it’s you.

  4. Barb, punning or otherwise, you have made sexualized comments about me on more than one occasion. Such conduct is beyond the bounds of decency.
    The old “can’t take a joke” defense is about what I’d expect from someone who uses sexual harassment to silence criticism.

  5. If memory serves, Mayor Nenshi has had sharp words with these guys before. He’s fully aware of what’s going on, so presumably his council colleagues are as well.

  6. Barb,
    Yes, I think a lot of people suspect that developers, business leaders and captains of industry collude in some way to put their money behind candidates they feel are most friendly to their cause.

    But I don’t think people generally assume that developers, business leaders and captains of industry actually RENT CONFERENCE ROOMS and PREPARE POWER POINT PRESENTATIONS when they’re colluding to put their money behind friendly candidates.

    And, come one, if Prairie Dog had insinuated that the development community behaves in this manner — even in jest — we would have been shouted at for being conspiracy mongers, Regina haters and captains of the Destruction Team.

    I hope the alt weekly in Calgary is having a fucking ball with this.

  7. Paragraph 2 is debatable: I think you give people too little credit in what they assume. Paragraph 4 (“come on”, by the way) is also debatable. Don’t all lobbying groups meet and discuss and develop strategy? What else is new?

    Bronymous: be careful not to activate the “Beetlejuice” effect!

  8. And the Castle starts crumbling on down. For a clear example of what is happening here in Regina, I strongly encourage you and your readers to visit my blog. I’ve only just begun revealing the sordid details of what happened “behind the scenes” of the 2012 Civic Election, and I assure you, there is plenty more to come. Nothing “Smoking Gun” like this golden video, but certainly enough to (hopefully) shed the same kind of light and get the Regina media to start asking the questions they need to. I know Prairie Dog has been tremendous in this effort, but it’s time for the rest of Regina’s media to wake up from their sleep and realize this kind of thing DOES go on here, and we, the taxpayers, should NOT have to put up with it.

    I think CBC’s Geoff Leo owes me a favour. Perhaps he can start his investigation on this process, in lieu of a lawsuit? One could only hope!

  9. Whew, Chad Novak is on the case. We can all relax.

    Instead of stringing people along, why don’t you release at once whatever “evidence”you have? Would seem a lot more credible. Pretty much any bombshell I can remember was launched together in a comprehensive manner, not tid bits here and there. But if you actually don’t have any concrete evidence….

  10. Why don’t I release it all at once brononymous? Simple. Because I can control the release of that information. I know it sucks, but guess what? I’ve had this information for MONTHS and instead of asking me honest questions, any “haters” out there have just insulted and lambasted me. So, if you want to find out the information, it’ll come out. I assure you. I’m thinking the first “bombshell” was enough to rattle a few cages at City Hall, and the next instalment will be enough to rattle even a few more, I am confident. With each release, this gives those that are involved to come out and admit their wrongdoings. I am always a person that allows people, even those with the dirtiest of intentions, to get a second chance in life. If they come clean on their own, GREAT. If not, then they know (or should by now) that it’s only a matter of time until the dirt comes out on them.

    And the castle (Ivory Tower) starts crumbling on down, and we can all rebuild from the beginning.

  11. Emmet: I like you in real life and was disturbed when I read about Barb harassing you and your family with sexualized comments. I hadn’t seen that and figured there must have been some prior dust-up I’d missed. But then you linked to the example, and I’m sorry, but I’m just not seeing it there.

    Do you mean when she called you Master Baiter? Sure it’s a vulgar double entendre, and resorting to name calling is certainly argumentative self-immolation.

    But I think she was trying to say you were baiting her, and in aiming for witty she landed instead on tasteless. I don’t think that’s an attack on sexuality or family?

    Maybe there’s some other examples. But if this is the main one, I want to suggest you may have misread it. If Barb were to confirm that’s the case and apologize, is there a chance you’d be willing to put this misunderstanding in the past?

  12. BAD: I’m the one who expressed dismay at Patrick Book selling out.

    It’s not so much that he did sell out for a communications job, as the fact he sold out for *that* communications job.

    Pat knows as well as anyone the tawdry ingredients of the City sausage factory. So putting his energy and talent into that factory is like an oncologist joining big tobacco to help them beat lawsuits.

    Selling out for any other communications job would have been more understandable. But this smacks of City Hall using our money to buy the silence of one the last remaining journalist watchdogs.

    Now instead of holding the City accountable, Pat will be tweeting us propaganda about the activities of the construction association lobbyist, oops I mean “Mayor”. He’ll be explaining why it’s perfectly normal for Pasqua North to be perpetually under construction. And if he’s lucky, maybe he’ll get to help script lies for the next robo-call campaign.

    You say I must be a saint before criticizing. I’m no saint, but I have turned down pork and patronage appointments on principle. So I know first hand that having principles doesn’t mean much until one is tested and tempted, and can emerge with their principles intact.

    The silver lining is he may elevate the standard there, however slightly and briefly.

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