Scarth St. Update

Received a press release from City Hall today announcing that Scarth St. between Victoria Ave. and 12th Ave has reverted to one-way north-bound. Motorists are free to turn right off of Scarth onto 12th heading east. If you do that, remember that 12th Ave. east of Scarth (starting at the alley) is two-way. Also, when you’re on Scarth, you do not have the option of turning left and heading west onto the plaza. Just follow the Hansel¬†&¬†Gretel-like trail of plastic planters and you should be okay. And be on the look-out for pedestrians, as it will likely take them a bit of time to adjust to the new conditions too.

Author: Gregory Beatty

Greg Beatty is a crime-fighting shapeshifter who hatched from a mutagenic egg many decades ago. He likes sunny days, puppies and antique shoes. His favourite colour is not visible to your inferior human eyes. He refuses to write a bio for this website and if that means Whitworth writes one for him, so be it.

16 thoughts on “Scarth St. Update”

  1. Would it be egregious to suggest a full-scale ban on vehicles bigger than Mercury Cougar attempting to navigate this rat’s nest of confusion? Because I’ve already seen the fool in the big white F-350 clogging this half-intersection with the bulk of his me-first bewilderment.

  2. You know what? I take that back. It was more of a me-first befuddlement than a bewilderment. And “rat’s nest” will suffice.

  3. You can tell when we’re in tough economic times when commenters start doing their own editing.

  4. The sooner the people who drive vehicles get used to not driving on 12th Avenue between Lorne and Scarth, the demands will be gone in 6 months and the pedestrian can prevail perhaps the second time, the Scarth Street Mall being the first. Now if we can get more bike lanes and placed to lock our bicycles.

  5. Scarth & 12th is back to being closed to traffic. Don’t know if it’s a storm thing, a night thing, or some other thing

  6. WTF?
    Which one is it Regina?
    What’s going on? Did they just issue yet another press release re-re-re-reversing their decision?

  7. I don’t know why the intersection isn’t designed like the one at Lorne & 12th either, instead of having paving stones extending south on 19 block Scarth and up to the alley between Scarth and Hamilton St. on 12th.

  8. My Occupy Regina “tenter” bud told me that the city crew,( by accident I assume ), broke / cracked, the epoxyed yellow reflectors, when they cleared the snow on the Trio of Towers Plaza(r), last week.

    How about the delivery van vs. the courier car backing up along the BMO bldg & Tower 1 alley trying get back to 11th?

  9. Yes, many of the yellow line reflectors, made for California roads, are now cracked or ripped off by the plow.

    I hope a “no trailers” sign is posted at Scarth St. entrance for those poor souls hoping to turn right at 12th?

    What’s going to happen to the dead end at the Legion street? There’s a ton of construction there yet.

  10. The yellow-reflector saga reminds me of the days when City snowplow crews would blithely plow in all the bus stops. It seems the depts. still don’t communicate very well. And people wonder why I’m leery of the City taking over curbside recycling.

  11. Barb you must be a seasoned regluarville( is boring)ite, like me.

    CITY, just make parking on major roads ,( there are too many to mention ),illegal, or just change the signs to NO Parking.

    Build a fuggin parkade or 5, DT & at the hospitals, while yer at it.

    Albert / Broad/ north and south needs to be 3 lanes open 24 hrs. 24 hr buses as well , for many routes.

  12. I like the way Ron thinks, I think. Hilary, Ive always said this forum needs an edit function, like rant boards had in the good ole days!

  13. As of Friday night at midnight Scarth and 12th was still closed to traffic. I don’t think the city’s issued any further press releases since the one on Thursday announcing that the intersection was open, so I don’t know what’s going on.

    Maybe some pranksters just set up their own barricade on the north end of Scarth to further mess with the minds of Regina motorists?

  14. Barrier still there. If you phone the city, nothing would happen until Monday I figure anyway. They’ve started bagging the traffic lights they installed for nothing. The two way traffic on Scarth St. signs (which were inadequate and dangerous without a stop sign) are gone. The U turn sign is gone, but that’s the only way out, is to go the wrong way when some traffic expects it is one way only now. Terrible planning City.

  15. The barrier is down again so cars are free to turn right off of Scarth onto 12th. Earlier today I also saw two vehicles proceding east on the plaza between Cornwall and Scarth St. I didn’t see where they entered the plaza though.

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