We talked about a big accomplishment for a member of the Stranger‘s staff yesterday. Today, let me point you towards another — Savage U, Dan Savage’s new MTV show.

(By mentioning those two things in one breath, am I saying winning a Pulitzer Prize is comparable to getting an MTV show? Sure. The accomplishments of the Icki Twins, the stars of MTV’s Double Shot at Love, are roughly analogous to those of Cormac McCarthy, without question.)

Savage U presents some of the columnist’s talks at colleges and universities to students on sex, along with some additional, Savage-on-individual-students bits mixed in there. If you read his column or podcast, you’ll recognize some of the territory he covers. I think I’ve heard the line “If you dump the honest foot fetishist, you will marry the dishonest necrophiliac” a good three or four times by now, though it always bears repeating.

The show also feels like MTV through and through. Annoyingly-brief clips of songs need to underscore virtually every sentiment expressed.

But never mind all that — Savage is a straight charmer of the first degree, funny and engaging at all times. And he’s made one of the few really positive reality shows on MTV since one of my personal favs, From G’s to Gents. Plus, if he browbeats even one kid into using condoms, this show will have been worth it. You can watch it for free over at MTV Canada’s website.