Saturday Morning Cartoon

After watching John Johnstone’s Dungeon Crawl last night, I couldn’t help but start thinking about that classic 1980’s cartoon Dungeon & Dragons.

Based on the popular role playing game – the cartoon featured a group of kids transported to another world called The Realm of Dungeons & Dragons. Once there, they all get one magically weapon. There was a magical bow, a magic shield, a magic javelin, a magical hat, a magical cloak and a magic club. I couldn’t help but think that the guy who got the shield but no sword got short-changed. Naturally they try to make it back home.

Co-produced by Marvel Comics – it featured famed comics writer Steve Gerber (Giant Size Man-Thing, Howard the Duck) as story editor and a contributing writer. The show lasted 27 episodes and was once voted the most violent television show on TV in 1985 by theĀ  National Coalition on Television Violence. Ah good times.

Author: Shane Hnetka

Shane Hnetka spends most of his life watching movies and reading comic books, using his vast knowledge of genre culture for evil instead of good.

One thought on “Saturday Morning Cartoon”

  1. This is one of many “trapped in a bottle” shows from the era where the main premise involved the protagonists getting trapped somewhere, having crazy adventures, and then spending the entirety of the series trying to get out of the bottle. Such a thing is always frustrating as a viewer because you’re always rooting for them to reach their goal, but you know that once they do, the show will be over. Other shows from around this time that used this type of premise included Kidd Video, and I don’t remember the title but the one I’m thinking of was a cartoon version of Happy Days whose “bottle” was a time-travel device that was broken so the gang could never get home…. hey come to think of it Quantum Leap stole part of its premise from that show… man what a hilarious cartoon.

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