This year marked the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future. I was shocked to discover that after the trilogy had hit theatres that there was an animated cartoon that ran for two seasons starting in 1993.

The cartoon followed after the third movie continuity-wise and focused more on Doc Brown and his family and less on Marty. Strangely enough Christopher Lloyd starred as Doc Brown in a live action segment at the start of each episode and at the end where he would introduce a science experiment that Bill Nye (before he was the science guy) would perform at the end of the cartoon. Naturally Michael J. Fox had nothing to do with the series but Mary Steenburgen (Clara) and Thomas F. Wilson (Biff) voiced their characters from the films. Strangely Christopher Lloyd did not voice the animated Doc Brown. Dan (Homer Simpson) Castellaneta did. Maybe it was too much to pay Lloyd to do the live action bit and the cartoon.