This week’s cartoon is a request. Yes we take requests. Requests are always welcome.

From Emmet “A request: There was a cartoon of the same era as Thundarr & Snorkels (so just barely preluding Transformers and Go-Bots) that featured a teenager who could turn into a car (I think he was struck by lightning while driving on a mountainside). From what little I remember, his powers were kind of Hulk-like in that he could not always control the timing of the transformation. Of course, he had a group of teens (and, I think, the prerequisite precocious youngster) around all the time. The one scene that I distinctly remember was the gang having an apres-ski hot cocoa, and the guy spilled his cocoa on himself and unexpectedly turned into a car–indoors!
That is the full extent of my memory of the show. The name of the show and, Zod willing, a clip in a future edition would be awesome! Thanks!”

The elusive cartoon is Turbo Teen from 1984. It only ran one season for a total of 13 episodes. It was produced by Ruby-Spears Productions and the plot did revolve around a teenage named Brett Matthews who crashed his car during a thunderstorm into a lab and became fused with his car. When ever he got really hot, Brett transformed into a car. When he cooled down he turns back into a person. It was sort of like the plot to the popular Japanese manga Ranma 1/2 except that character turned from a man into a woman and wacky highjinks followed.