Shane is taking a well-deserved rest after two years of Saturday Morning Cartoons on the Dog Blog, but there’s no reason we can’t still enjoy some juvenile kicks during the first half of the weekend.
I stumbled across this recent National Post Q&A with legendary Mad Magazine cartoonist Sergio Aragonés while trying to catch up on my habitual Internet-related time-wasting that I forsook over the holidays.
Sergio Aragonés is one of the most prolific and most hilarious cartoonists of our time. In additional to his marginal humour in Mad, Aragonés has written or drawn comics for both Marvel and DC Comics in humour, western and horror genres. His Groo The Wanderer series is perhaps the second best long-running, creator-owned, Conan the Barbarian satire of all time (after Dave Sim‘s Cerebus). And he may have killed Marty Feldman.

Here’s part one of a weird chat show featuring Stan Lee interviewing Aragonés: