Beardyman kicked off my day on the electronic stage Sunday afternoon. Beatboxer, Darren Foreman, makes all the sounds live with nothing prerecorded,  creating each song on the spot. He put on a demonstration for the audience breaking down beat by beat, layer by layer for the non-believers.

Camping shenanigans.

Deer Tick played on the Big Foot Stage late afternoon.

The main stage was full of emotions on Sunday.  Seattle band, The Head and the Heart played on the main stage in the afternoon. Their upbeat energy and beautiful harmonies struck a cord  with the crowd. Female lioness, Charity Rose Thielen was adorable and said a tearful thank you to the audience.

Beirut ignited a crazy dance party on the main level. From the hill you could see a large group of people skipping in and out of each other, and drawing in dancers from all over. I got in the middle of it for some pictures. It was silly fun.

Bon Iver was nothing short of magical.

The stage design was beautifully gothic. Draped fabric hung from the roof of the stage, like ragged sails from a pirate ship, and tall glass lanterns were spread all over the stage.

The captain of the ship and lead singer, Justin Vernon gave the crowd a speech about how special it was to play at the festival. His heartfelt thank you to the crowd stole my heart.

For the encore they played The Wolves, and had the crowd sing the line ‘what might have been lost’ back to them. The result was a wall of sound, with over twenty thousand people singing louder and louder until the wave of sound washed over you – truly a testament to the acoustics of the Gorge.

Weather update – Today is nice and sunny, with a few clouds. The temperature is suppose to go up to 24 degrees today and then cool off to around 10 this tonight. It’s been a perfect weekend for weather here in the Gorge.