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The Sasquatch! organizers significantly stepped up their game in 2014. This year’s festival directly addressed some issues of the past and the new addition of  the Super Geek League, a band of performance artists, musicians and circus performances really rounded out the experience.

Water was addressed in a big way. With brand new, free, huge filling stations throughout the festival there was plenty of liquid life to go around.  In addition a completely free retro arcade was set up – allowing pals to go head to head on all the classic video games while sipping beer and taking refuge from the elements.

The Super Geek League and their dedicated stage made for a fun experience for music lovers and non-music lovers alike. As far as I could tell, the Super Geek League is primarily a large band of the genre “Soul Metal”, as listed on their website. However, what they appeared like was a circus group with a dark sense of humour and wild side. Giving varied performances of music, dance (with and without fire), art and everything in between. All sorts of characters from a 10-foot tall devil, to a plush eyeball costume to a robotic giant clown head that was remote controlled wandered around their stage to delight and freak out fans of all ages. That’s not even mentioning the dozens of other great costumes.  The Super Geek League really added some style to the festival and gave fans that wanted a break from the music a chance to relax and still have a great time.

The festival finished in spectacular fashion on Sunday night. After a shining performance from the Queens of the Stone Age fans gathered to watch a marathon Major Laser set that was nothing short of a total party. Festival organizers even had a fireworks show during Major Laser to send fans off on the right foot.

Overall Sasquatch! 2014 reminded fans why it’s one of the greatest American music festivals – Beautiful surroundings, great music, great people and tons of fun things to do. Behold the best fest in the Pacific Northwest.

Photos by Kim Jay