Saskatoon one-ups Regina again!

Last week I noted a posting here about the crappy restaurant “reviews” done in the Leader Post.  I think we have you beat friends!  Today’s Star Phoenix features a column in the Business section that takes ass-kissing to a new level.

Author: Toontown Rat

He is a long time Saskatoon resident and moderately important cog in the machinery of Prairie Dog's little sister, Planet S Magazine.

12 thoughts on “Saskatoon one-ups Regina again!”

  1. nah, it’s just tepid – he doesn’t really run down the toppings enough, there’s no photo, and descriptions are too vague to be really useful. but he lists the price and says the fries are “disappointing” which is more than you can say for the epicure’s fork.

  2. Ha! That previous comment from me was meant for a different post… this is not particularly cool.

  3. Well come on guys – it’s not like there’s anything happening in Canada or the world that is more important than a blow-by-blow description of how to make a burger.

  4. Don’t you dare threaten the happy little world we’ve in which we’ve wrapped ourselves, Madeline!

  5. What’s with the hate-on for food articles in the mainstream media? I just went through last week’s thread bashing the LP for David Ramsay’s features and don’t see anything wrong with them.

    Sure, they’re less restaurant reviews and more profiles of a reastaurant. Who cares if he doesn’t have anything negative to say? What, is he going to bash the guy from Afghan Cuisine for moving to Canada during a war to make a better life for his family?

    And no need to make fun of an LP reporter who’s been in the business for 30 years. I’d love to know what qualifications Aidan Morgan has for his reviews (which I also enjoy, BTW), other than liking food.

    Get over yourselves. If you don’t like them, don’t read them. End of story.

  6. Hey Rhonda, thanks for the comment. I’ll try to clarify.

    There’s nothing inherently wrong with the LP or anyone running profiles of restaurant owners as opposed to restaurant reviews. My problem is that David Ramsey’s articles are written exactly like advertorials: like copy designed to promote a business and that’s it. That’s not good. But what inspired me to write something on this was the Bavarian place being featured in a major LP promotion on the same day as the advertorial-looking feature was published.

    It looks bad–like maybe the article was part of the sales deal.

    As for Aidan, his only qualifications are his editor thinks his opinions are credible and loves his writing. And you like his reviews too! It’s settled–he keeps the gig!

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