Saskatchewan Stands With The LGBT Community

Pride flag-Legislature (small)
photo by Darrol Hofmeister, sharpshooter photography

On the topic of Pride flags… I was at the Legislature today for two press scrums trying to untangle this casino business (pray for me). Darrol and his trusty camera were along, and since we were there anyway, I asked him to take some shots of the pride flag flying outside the Legislature. Here it is. It’s beautiful.

It’s fantastic that Premier Brad Wall acted so swiftly on this, and he and his government deserve a round of applause (and maybe a friendly tweet or two to @PremierBradWall). Well done.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

5 thoughts on “Saskatchewan Stands With The LGBT Community”

  1. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend?” I don’t doubt Brad Wall’s bona fides when it comes to defending civil rights; I do wonder if this was more just an act of political opportunism, however. And I also wonder if this act will lead to alienation within his party that may lead to his departure shortly, or if those w/n his party who don’t necessarily agree with equal rights for LGBT under God or the law will stomach this for the PR payoff? Is this penance for the 1991 Lukiwski video?

    Who decides to fly the flag at the Leg anyway? The party, the Legislature, the security guard? Executive Council?

  2. And, I honestly think kudos have to go to Cam Broten, NDP Leader, for taking the lead on this. His tweets were important to getting the online community mobilized.

    As you know, it takes a lot for me to give praise to the SK NDP, but on this one, it’s well-deserved.

  3. Hey, Regina Mom – I was thinking the same. My friend alerted me to Broten’s tweets early in the weekend. Seems to me the NDP provincially and federally has always been a friend and ally of those in the LGBTQ community. I recall a few months ago when the NDP in Sask — it may have even been Broten himself — called on the government to support Gay Straight Alliance clubs/groups in Saskatchewan schools and the government struggled for days with that simple, straighforward suggestion before finally agreeing to post a small amount of information on a government website that could be accessed by young people seeking support and assistance. Now, for Wall to be getting so much credit for flying the Pride flag — well, let’s give the man his due — he’s taken a small step under the pressure of so many other provinces and cities agreeing to fly the flag, and maybe he’s learned a thing or two about diversity and equality. I know Dog Bites Man isn’t news or even mildly interesting. This time Man Bit Dog and drew a lot of attention. But, let’s not get crazy in our adoration of Wall. And, speaking of tweets, I really liked how Broten was kind of ballsy in his tweets in response to a blatant homophobe who was giving him grief on Twitter — telling the guy his lost vote wasn’t one he especially wanted anyway. Sounds like Broten is willing to stand up for his principles. He’ll lose a few votes that way but I think he’ll gain more credibility and respect — which translates into votes in the end. He’s new and still has a long way to go before he’s premier but I don’t think I’d be worried if and when he assumes that role. (Wow, I need to pay less attention to provincial politics — I’m feeling especially nerdy with my posts tonight. And it makes my head hurt.)

  4. Unfortunately, even though, the Sask Party was open enough to declare Transgender Awareness week 3 years ago after intensive lobbying by TransSask Support Services, no one from that party has yet to attend the official day of awareness at the Legislature where speakers and LGBTQI and two spirited people and allies gather in unity. The first Two years, Trent Wotherspoon of the NDP and this year David Forbes of the NDP were in attendance to personally specify the support of the party. Where have the Sask Party reps been for three years in a row?

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