Not a fan of the information panel that's stuck in Scotty's mouth I gotta admit. It should be mounted on the crate somewhere

Not a fan of the information panel that’s stuck in Scotty’s mouth I gotta admit. It should be mounted on the crate somewhere

Above is a shot from the exhibit that’s currently on at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum to select a fossil to become an official emblem of the province.

We did a cover story on it in our Nov. 26 issue. It’s a neat idea, and given the world-wide popularity of dinosaurs, has the potential to provide a nice little cool-cachet boost for Saskatchewan.

Of the seven candidates, Scotty the T. rex is the obvious choice. At the time of its discovery in 1991, it was only the 12th T. rex to be unearthed — and it’s a superb fossil specimen too, one of the largest and most complete T. rex skeleton’s ever found.

The T. rex is an iconic dinosaur species, so it’s a NO-BRAINER not to adopt it as our official fossil. Although as we argue in the cover story, the province should really pick two official fossils — one land-based, the other marine-based. Not that we should be fossil hogs, but Kansas has two official fossils, one marine and one airborne. So why shouldn’t we have two too? And if the province wants to adopt a fossil plant, that would be fine by me as well.

You can see the skull of another candidate in the race, a short-necked Plesiosaur named after the town of Herschel near where it was found after the jump. And make sure you get out to the RSM at some point before the contest closes April 25 to see the fossils and cast your vote. Or vote on-line starting April 11.