This morning a press conference was held at Hill Tower II in downtown Regina to announce the launch of Saskatchewan Fashion Week. The event will run from May 7-12, with the bulk of the activity occurring May 10-12, when the City Square Plaza will be transformed into what organizers describe as an avant-garde runway space that will showcase creations from Saskatchewan fashion designers and their colleagues in other creative industries like hair styling, make-up and modelling.

“Saskatchewan Fashion Week is not only an event, it is the beginning of a legacy of design, creativity and entrepreneurship that is sustainable [as an] industry in Saskatchewan,” said SFW director Candyce Bakke in a press release.

“The long-term goal for SFW is to attract designers and creators to return to the province and collaborate with skilled professionals in this industry to leverage their entrepreneurial success,” added co-chair Chelsea O’Connell.

Hosting today’s press conference was Tammy Beltrami, owner of Aria Boutique on the F.W. Hill Mall (far right in above photo). In addition to remarks from Mayor Pat Fiacco, the event also included a short fashion show featuring work by designers Dean Renwick, Tracy George-Heese, Garth Roseth and Danine Schlosser.

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