From the Leader-Post:

Tom Schuck, a Saskatchewan Party member and a lawyer who represented one of the interveners in the case, had acknowledged in an earlier inteview that the government had done little on social conservative issues, but had praised it for having good intentions. But he expressed disappointment after the government’s decision Tuesday, saying it had bowed to political pressure. “From a practical point of view, the solution is to put them out into the wilderness again to think things over … I hate to think of that as a solution but sometimes you need to purge in order to move forward,” said Schuck from Weyburn.

Uh huh. Well. Tom: it’s 2011, everyone who doesn’t live under a shrub personally knows actual gay people and realizes it’s insane to say being gay is in any way immoral. And your views are dumb, hurtful and a liability to you political party.

And I think you meant to say “sometimes you need to purge in order to move BACKWARDS.” Because discrimination against gays and lesbians belongs to a shabbier past era.

And also your last name rhymes with a bad word. Ha ha.