Sask PC’s Say They’ve Got Their Money Back

From CBC:

Saskatchewan’s Progressive Conservative Party is now in control of a $3-million fund after prevailing in a long-running court dispute involving the Saskatchewan Party. The money has been kept in a trust fund since 1997 when the Saskatchewan PCs decided to go into hiatus.

Interesting, though I’d think any electoral impact would be the long-term. The Sask. Party is very, very strong right now, and I doubt there are any ridings where the Tories could siphon off enough votes to let the NDP sneak ahead. Without looking it up, I’d guess most Progressive Conservative support would be rural, and the Sask. Party is a juggernaut in rural Saskatchewan.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

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9 thoughts on “Sask PC’s Say They’ve Got Their Money Back”

  1. Wow. Good for them. In close races, they could swing enough votes away from the SP candidates, and hand seats to the NDP. It’ll be interesting to watch if, that is, they are able to leverage the money into a semi-plausible election run.

  2. I think that scenario would be more likely to play out federally where Progressive Conservatives could carve out some real estate left of the Conservatives but still be on the centre right of the political spectrum. It’s harder to see that happening on a provincial level though.

  3. Grant Schmidt and Rick Swenson are too easy to cast aside as “Old Saskatchewan” conservatives. They’ll each get 500 votes each, max, from old rural guys who still smoke cigarettes and where tinted shades indoors. Anyway, is $3 million a lot in Sask politics? Nobody wants to think too much about stuff these days anyway, and the PCs will just bring up stuff to think about. However, Brad Wall is the most non-present Premier ever. He really should go be the next mayor of Calgary.

  4. I’ll admit, I don’t really understand this at all. Do the PCs still run people provincially? Pragmatically, I hope they do. I’d love to see a right split for once.

  5. &TJu: I smoke and have been known to wear shades indoors. Is it unreasonable to love classic elements of Saskatchewan culture while still presenting a Progressive political opinion?

  6. Brad, I think you’ve taken blue and yellow and red and mushed it up into one expedient ball of purple political Play Doh. First of all, I’m not really sure the PCs represent “progressive political opinion,” just because there name may say so. Second, I’m not talking cool Bob Dylan Ray Bans a la 1965; more like tinted aviators a la bloated Waylon 1978. I will say this political lineage does probably tilt towards Libertarianism, which is maybe a direction the PCs should go. “Progressive” politics, classic Saskatchewan-style, would be reserved more for the hockey-haired, peach-fuzz moustached boys of of SaskPower and SaskTel.

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