Sask MP Wants To Shuffle Cathedral Out Of Proposed Regina-Lewvan Riding

Lukiwski's riding jiggery-pokeryOne of the major changes that the federal boundary commission proposed for Regina is the creation of the urban-only Regina-Lewvan riding. It will take up all of the western side of the city.

Seeing as the Conservative Party is none too happy with the idea of urban-only ridings finally coming to Saskatchewan, they’d rather not see this be created.

And after Saskatoon-Wanuskewin MP Maurice Vellacott finished raging before the Procedure and House Affairs Committee about how the boundary commission is biased, Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre MP Tom Lukiwski proposed his own solution.

He told the Procedure and House Affairs Committee that while he doesn’t agree with the boundary commission’s proposal he understands that they’re hell-bent on bringing in urban-only ridings. Accepting that, he thinks their map would be improved if they moved the Cathedral neighbourhood out of the new urban-only Regina-Lewvan riding and into the one urban-rural split riding, Regina-Qu-Appelle, home of house speaker, Andrew Scheer.

The proposed Regina-Lewvan riding is in that image above, with the part Lukiwski wants moved coloured green. Click to embiggen.

Lukiwski’s reasoning is that he anticipates great growth in the Harbour Landing neighbourhood and in years to come that will make the Regina-Lewvan riding over populated. By shifting Cathedral to Regina-Qu-Appelle, Regina-Lewvan will be under populated for a while but can be free to grow in future.

A conspiratorially minded fellow, however, might think this is a move to gerrymander Regina’s ridings and shift Cathedral’s often-NDP-friendly voters into an riding where their votes will be offset by Conservative-friendly rural votes.

But that’s just what a conspiratorially-minded fellow might think.

Now there’s no reason to think the Procedure and House Affairs Committeee will pay any attention to Lukiwski — although, based on his chummy testimony with them, it sounds like he was once a member of that committee and the men on it seem to hold him in some regard. But even after the committee makes their recommendation, the boundary commission doesn’t have to take them into account in their final plan.

Either way, seems the boundary commission fight is far from over.

You can listen to the complete April 16 meeting of the Procedure and House Affairs Committee meeting at this link.

Author: Paul Dechene

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9 thoughts on “Sask MP Wants To Shuffle Cathedral Out Of Proposed Regina-Lewvan Riding”

  1. This might seem glaringly obvious but politicans should have NO SAY WHATSOEVER in electoral boundaries. It’s like police making the laws. There is a blatant conflict of interest here.

  2. I will be furious if I remain in an urban/rural split riding, especially if it comes at the behest of that stupid bigot.

  3. Gee Tom, you stupid bigot, why not annex that part your riding between Rochdale and McCarthy to Qu’Appelle. Why must you cast off Cathedral?

  4. I was wondering about that too. What did they do to piss off/engratiate themselves to the Conservatives?

  5. By annexing Cathedral into a largely rural (read: CPC safe riding), the Cathedral votes are effectively nullified. If Cathedral stays in the newly-proposed Lewvan riding, the votes could swing the riding to another party.

  6. I have maintained all along that the CPC could likely win in the urban-only ridings, provided the party runs candidates that are palatable to the residents. That means no Lukiwskis, Vellacotts, Ritzes or Toews.

  7. I disagree with Mr. Lukiwski. The Cathedral area’s natural home is with Harbour Landing, and I’m sure that residents there would wholeheartedly concur, especially in light of all the nice things said over the years by Cathedral residents about that new neighbourhood and everything pertaining thereto. Frankly, Regina-Qu’Appelle (please note the spelling) is far better off as it is.

  8. People wanting to share their feelings with the Electoral Boundaries Commission will now have to write to Elections Canada. You can write to them c/o Johanne Boisvert, Elections Canada, 257 Slater Street, Ottawa, ON KIA0M6. She will forward the letters to the Commission Chair, Justice Mills.

    People should do so quickly so that the Commission can take these opinions into account along with whatever nonsense comes out of the Conservative majority on the House of Commons committee.. The Commission has the final say on this, not politicians and I think the Commissioners can see through what Lukiwski is doing, But it is easier for them to do the right thing if they can point to a substantial body of opinion from Cathedral residents opposing this change.

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