Sask. MP Blows Lid Off Electoral Boundaries Scandal!

Mo VellacottYou know that electoral boundaries review that’s been going in Saskatchewan since last fall? The one where the majority report of the three-person commission, in recognition of the changing demographic nature of the province, recommended the establishment of distinct urban and rural ridings in place of the hodge-podge of blended rural/urban seats we have now?

Turns out that the fix was in from the start. That’s what Saskatoon-Wanuskewin MP Maurice Vellacott (pictured) has apparently alleged in testimony before the Procedure and House Affairs Committee that is reviewing the proposed map after 12 of 13 Saskatchewan Conservative MPs filed objections to it.

The culprit? According to Vellacott, it’s commissioner John Courtney, who had his mind made up before the public hearings started. You can read more here.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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18 thoughts on “Sask. MP Blows Lid Off Electoral Boundaries Scandal!”

  1. With all due respect, this argument (minds made up, sham procedure) has been used by other folks against other entities, such as the Regina Public School Board.Seems like a wash, to me.

  2. Scandal? That usually means there is criminal activity involved. Exactly what crime has occurred here? Bias?

  3. That’s punishment??

    I suppose it could be said John Courtney entered the proceedings with his head screwed on the right way.

  4. Anyone else suspect that the Vellacott clan hails from Innsmouth, Massachusetts? #lovecraftwasaprophetnotafictionwriter

  5. I’m more interested in rehabilitation than punishment. And I want those god damned boundaries changed!

  6. I don’t think I’d equate sitting MPs with ordinary citizens who are only peripherally involved with politics being critical of a civic agency, be it at the municipal, provincial or federal level. To begin with, MPs enjoy parliamentary privilege which makes them exempt from criminal or civil liability for statements made or actions done in the course of their legislative duties.

    While Vellacott referred to Courtney in his remarks as a “reputable, respected gentleman otherwise”, he added that it was his belief Courtney had done “a great disservice, a great disrespect that denigrates the process” by having a predetermined mindset about urban ridings and that he had then gone out and more or less cherry-picked evidence to support his position.

    I think it’s pretty unseemly for a professional politician like Vellacott (and by extension the Conservative Party of Canada) to attack an ordinary citizen like Courtney who was simply performing a public service as part of a constitutionally-mandated overview of electoral boundaries that happens after every census.

  7. If rehab is wrong I wouldn’t want to be right but as for bias in the proceedings, Mr Vellacott, how do you defend the hissy fit that David Marit’ threw against the proposed changes? Sounds like David Marit had his mind made up before the public hearings started:

    What a dick. He actually says people who live in bedroom communities and small towns close to the city should “have the right” or whatever to continue to work in their riding, should it share space with the city. Wow. First of all, cry me a fucking ditch full of run-off. Grow up.

    How many people in the GTA would propose that all ridings radiate out like the sun from Bathurst and Bloor in little strip ridings for 100 miles into the country?? Probably no one. I don’t work in my riding…most people don’t. What a stupid argument, with merit, Marit.

  8. In Saskatchewan we could have seven ridings radiate out from Saskatoon and seven from Regina in a glorious twin sunburst pattern.

  9. Off to Wascana for the day. I’ll be back in Palliser at around 5:00 if anyone wants to hang out or something.

  10. Think of it as a deprogramming for the public good. Of course, I would be yelling things like “How can you believe in this bullshit!” “You want pro-life, I’ll give you pro-life!”

  11. I worked in Qu’Appelle today. The roads were terrible. Even though I live in Palliser, I really think I deserve to have a say, federally, in how things run in Qu’Appelle. This makes sense doesn’t it? So I guess we all need *overlapping ridings!* to account for work/live/play political life balance.

    Work/play balance begins at 5

  12. @ April 18, 2013 at 12:54 pm #

    That sounds like it could be a deleted scene out of Pulp Fiction.

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