(Paris) This is the P-dog’s Paris bureau reporting. You might be a little confused. Last week, I was the Las Vegas bureau. No, the P-dog hasn’t found a “Sugar Daddy”. The closest we have is Niall O’Hanlon and most of what he pays in for ads comes back to him in bar tabs. I’ve just been doing a lot of travelling.

If there is one thing I’ve learned here it’s this: the French know how to protest. They know other things (moustaches, kissing and how to smoke cigarettes while riding a bike) but they really know how to protest. This morning I met up with about 50,000+ of my closest friends and marched down Champs de Elysses to the Arc de Triumph. It didn’t take starvation or poverty to get these people into the streets. They understand that democracy is a participatory process.

Right now, my feet are aching and I’m sitting on a deck. I’ve got a Moosehead and a steak. Billy Talent started on the speakers after Allanah Myles ended. A knockout one-two CanCon combination.People around me are complaining about the unseasonably cool weather. It’s like home except to my right is the Seine and behind me is Notre Dame. The picture is of my lovely server, and Ottawa native, Lindsay (last name withheld. I think she’s on the lamb.) I found her at a place called the Great Canadian Pub. They’ve taken a lesson in how we do pubs maybe we can take a lesson in how they do democracy.