Safeway Expansion Delayed

After winning city approval for an expanded and redesigned Safeway store on 13th Ave in the Cathedral area a few months ago, Safeway announced yesterday that after the tenders that came in for the project were “significantly higher” than expected that the project was going to be put on hold for a bit.

“We would have expected costs more comparable to a Vancouver, Winnipeg or Calgary” Safeway spokesperson John Graham said in a Leader-Post report, but Regina’s over-heated construction market apparently makes that impossible at present. Here’s the rest of the article here.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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9 thoughts on “Safeway Expansion Delayed”

  1. Well to begin with, Safeway’s consultation with the community led to almost no changes to the plan they initially proposed, which received a lot of negative responses. Aesthetics and scale issues aside, Safeway’s plan will still lead to the destruction of 4 houses in a city with a severe housing crisis, and the destruction of a mural by a noted (and deceased) artist. It has already led to the closing of a business and neighbourhood hub.

    If Safeway is realising the renovation is going to cost far more than they planned, when will the City of Regina realise their estimated costs for a new football stadium are also out of touch with the reality of the costs of building in Regina?

  2. I live right beside this Safeway and visit it just about every day. They staff as few cashiers as humanly possible meaning you’re going to wait in line for AT LEAST 10 MINUTES each time you go. Doesn’t matter what time of day it is… if there are 10 customers in line, they have one till open, if there are 30 customers, they have 2 tills open. I complained to the manager, and he basically told me “Yeah, I know. Nothing I can do. Corporate sets how many people we can put out based on sales.” Ridiculous, but where the hell else am I supposed to go?

  3. Hey! Mabye they can expand on their present footprint AND renovate the existing Marina Safeway!! AND keep the neon sign!

    As for the line-ups, we went to the Albert South Safeway to have a look at the “theatrical lighting” which all Safeways must now have – and guess what?! Even in the big store (where there were far fewer people at at 9 pm than in our 13th Ave Safeway, we still had to wait in a very slow line.

    I am just back from the west coast, and where I saw very many newly renovated Safeways (in Vancouver, Seattle, Surrey) and they are ALL awful designs – the same beige blandness, with none of the 60s perky style. Why a corporation would want to take a known and beloved brand and spend a bunch of money to destroy it is simply beyond me……

    Why Safeway seems to dislike its loyal pedestrian customers is also beyond me, especailly when they are making al lot of money from us.

    Perhaps this is an opportunity to preserve the neighbourhood!!

  4. So basically, the guy said we have two choices now: Say bye-bye to Safeway forever, or expect a shittier, more “efficient” ‘upgrade’ to the store. I wonder how you find “efficiencies” in the construction process? Bring in eastern European labour, or just build a gravel parking lot with no sidewalk?

  5. So I’m spending a lot more time (money) at Eat Healthy Foods lately (on 12th, just off Robinson). They have some pretty excellent granola, produce and even pre-made tempeh sandwiches (as a meat-eater, I thought they were excellent).

  6. #7, I always think it’s funny when meat-eaters need to point out that they’re omnivorous when eating “vegetarian”. I feel the same need when I get the Kirkland veggie burgers on my bi-annual visits to Costco. They so good. Why should vegetarians have all the fun?

  7. A major issue with the 13th ave. Safeway is their limited produce selection. Generally, what’s there isn’t all that hot either.

    Lucky for us, we have access to an outdoor farmer’s market that can supplement these inadequacies, during…well, now.

    A poorly planned massive overhaul of this grocery store will be far more inconvenient than a trip elsewhere or waiting in line.

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