From Politico:

On Monday, a whopping 1,807 Hispanics in the state didn’t show up to school, according to the number of student absences provided to POLITICO by the Alabama Department of Education. This is about 800 more than what was considered a normal absentee count among Hispanic youth before parts of the state’s immigration law were approved at the end of September. On Tuesday, the number was 1,540.

What’s going on? Are they transitioning to home schooling? Have they all come down with that nasty flu that’s doing the rounds from what I hear?

Nope. From all appearances, kids are staying away from school due to a new immigration law in the state which requires students to verify that they’re supposed to be in the U.S. if they wish to continue being enrolled.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that illegal immigrants are leaving the state, as the Republican representative quoted in the story suggests. But even if that is the case, they’re denying education to some of the most vulnerable people in the country: children. This is sick, evil shit. I get that resources are strained, but targeting kids in an environment where they should feel safe is fucked up.