I’ve never been in Sparky’s in the evening. I went once with my parents and my niece, if memory serves. The most notable thing about it then was a decent selection of arcade games, though that may have changed since I’ve left the neighbourhood.

Dan MacRae has a bit more up-to-date knowledge of the Regina bar/restaurant — which you can find tucked into the corner of a strip mall on Gordon Street Road — that includes their nighttime patrons. The prairie dog contributor (and past cover star) is a regular of their karaoke nights, and it’s become a frequent haunt for a bunch of Regina comedy regulars.

A big part of why a young twentysomething such as MacRae would go to a place like Sparky’s is to appreciate some rougher surroundings. (He’s free to correct me in the comments if I’m wrong on that account.) Not that long ago, though, MacRae had a bit of incident which went beyond that and which, thankfully, he chronicled on his Tumblr.

A sample:

I started singing “Closing Time”, but with improvised lyrics.

Sample lyric: “Closing Time, because you’re a homophobic prick.”

Read the whole thing here.