Rough Bar Has Some Homophobes On Occasion, Too

I’ve never been in Sparky’s in the evening. I went once with my parents and my niece, if memory serves. The most notable thing about it then was a decent selection of arcade games, though that may have changed since I’ve left the neighbourhood.

Dan MacRae has a bit more up-to-date knowledge of the Regina bar/restaurant — which you can find tucked into the corner of a strip mall on Gordon Street Road — that includes their nighttime patrons. The prairie dog contributor (and past cover star) is a regular of their karaoke nights, and it’s become a frequent haunt for a bunch of Regina comedy regulars.

A big part of why a young twentysomething such as MacRae would go to a place like Sparky’s is to appreciate some rougher surroundings. (He’s free to correct me in the comments if I’m wrong on that account.) Not that long ago, though, MacRae had a bit of incident which went beyond that and which, thankfully, he chronicled on his Tumblr.

A sample:

I started singing “Closing Time”, but with improvised lyrics.

Sample lyric: “Closing Time, because you’re a homophobic prick.”

Read the whole thing here.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

18 thoughts on “Rough Bar Has Some Homophobes On Occasion, Too”

  1. Sparky’s? The unlikeliest of places become popular…then they shut them down. I’ve always had my eye on Westo’s on North Albert.

  2. Street or Road, like most popular things in kitchy Regina, I’m sure it’s big in very small circles.

  3. Wait a minute? You kids think a pub on Gordon Road is “rougher surroundings”? Where did you grow up, Bouncy Castle Lane?

  4. Real Talk: I’m drawn to the bar’s dank lighting and intimate karaokedome structure. I’m a fan of the place and I’ll keep going back. After all, I have to finish my song. (/Streisand’d)

  5. Also, thank you very much Sunny D (are we going with that nickname) for linking to my bloggery!

  6. Or is that Sunny B. I’m making a dog’s dinner of this comment section. Either way, thanks James.

  7. emmett, i know what you’re trying to say, but there’s a rough crowd at sparky’s, real talk

  8. Some of us who were alive in the Paleolithic era may recall it by its old name: the Brown Derby.

  9. Upon reading that blog, for the sake of exercising my empathy muscles: I wonder if the white trash at the next table heard the slumming-it kids-of-privilege cracking wise at their expense all night prior to any outright confrontation?

  10. Brett: The Brown Derby also had the worst local television commercial around on TV. Totally cringeworthy, even given the time period (late 1970s Regina television production). Kids, were going to the Brown Derbieeeeeeeee … made it sound like a psychopath heading to a house of horror.

  11. Stephen: Yes, although this is another debatable example of, how bad of an ad is it really if you can recall it and what it’s selling thirty years later?

    And now for some useless Regina trivia.

    – The infamous Brown Derby ad featured local actor Walter Kalyn (last name sp?) who also played Winston Smith in a local community access channel production of “1984” a few years later.

    – The Brown Derby was owned by the late Peter Danakas, who also owned the Regina Inn for a period. An interesting fella to be sure, here’s a link to his obit which provides some further background:

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