Rosie’s Totally Awesome Six In The Morning … Well, I Lied. It’s Not That Awesome …

HOW SCREWED ARE THE LIBERALS? While Harper continues to plan to pick off the Grits’ last remaining Quebec bastions one by one (Jewish Tribune), the Liberals start another leadership controversy and go forward into the past … (Globe and Mail)

REMEMBER HOW HARPER’S GOVERNMENT PROMISED OPEN AND ACCESSIBLE GOVERNMENT? Me neither. (Winnipeg Free Press) And given that being a ‘team player’ is the most important thing Stephen Harper’s government is looking for in a new auditor-general, how long before Canada’s finances fall into Enron territory? (Ottawa Citizen)

A MESSAGE FOR THE OTTAWA PRESS GALLERY ATTACKING THE INEXPERIENCED AND RESUME-EMBELLISHING NDP MPS FROM QUEBEC Since you don’t care too much when MPs are found in contempt of Parliament, why should you care if MPs mislead voters? (Globe and Mail) (Tip of the lynch lid to the Twitter feed of Simon Houpt, ‘Plenaryman’ at the silver anniversary convention of Canadian University Press in 1986, now arts reporter/columnist at the Globe And Mail)

IN OTHER NEWS, THE CURLING GAME IN HELL HAS GONE INTO EXTRA ENDS Two good articles in the National Post? On Sean Avery and same-sex marriage?

SALES OF SEX TOYS IN BRITAIN EXPECTED TO MATCH SMARTPHONE SALES In the future, a gentleman will try to ignore the buzzing sound stemming from a lady’s purse. Either way the call won’t be for him unless she says otherwise. (Xbiz)

I WANT TO BE THERE … Probably the most intense soccer rivalry in North America gets underway Saturday night when the Seattle Sounders take on the Portland Timbers Saturday night at Quest Field in Seattle. It may not be Rangers/Celtic, or Barca/Real Madrid, but in MLS, where they’ve taken the approach that this sport can be grown the NHL way — treat teams like they’re as interchangeable as Pizza Huts and determine everything by location — this rivalry is closer to what sports rivalries are all about — two fan bases and two neighborhoods. At least, on the surface.

Here’s footage of Portland fans singing the American national anthem just before their inaugural game in MLS last month.

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

3 thoughts on “Rosie’s Totally Awesome Six In The Morning … Well, I Lied. It’s Not That Awesome …”

  1. Can I just inject a bit of non-partisan sanity into the whole “Liberals are dead” blither-blather by saying that parties in Canada rise and fall based on scandal and fatigue; once the Conservatives perpetrate a few more silly little scandals and this majority runs its course, the voters of Ontario will be more than happy to revive the centrist Liberal party.

    Con & Libs are brands that never stay out of style; the federal NDP is a trend based on its leader at the time–replace Jack with another Audrey McLaughlin in 3-5 years and they’re right back down to a dozen or so seats.

    Harper’s only real asset is that he’s a very non-exotic man in a very non-exoticism-embracing period of Canadian history. We can’t be all dust-and-diesel loving forever.

  2. That’s a great Jewish Tribune story, though. I love how it’s written–nice and tight and fast. People should take notes. That’s my kind of style.

  3. The Liberals are in disarray right now but so were the Tories after the end of Mulroney. One difference now though is that Harper wants to remove the “your vote means $1 and change for the party you voted for” thing, as well as other fun stuff that translates to less funding for political parties not supported by the rich. If any of this happens, this means trouble for ALL parties to the left of the Tories.
    Remember the “unite the right” BS from a few years back? We need something like that to happen to the centre and left, because this election has shown us that those who believe in Conservatism are sticky to their beliefs even when their party continually does awful things while in power. They’re either blind to the evil, or worse, they believe it to be right.
    Add up the ridings that went blue where Red or Orange were the runner up and Red+Orange (and never even mind Green) > Blue and you have something truly sickening if all you wanted out of this election was Not A Conservative Majority.
    I think the Liberals, while they may not be in fact dead, probably SHOULD be.

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