1 TROUBLE IN MOTHERCORP An internal document shows that the latest round of changes made to CBC Radio News’ operation have caused morale to plunge (Canadian Jounralism Project) about as low as it could possibly go (inside the cbc.com) without someone taking guns to work (The Tea Makers) and threatening to shoot the boss.

2 IT’S NOT THE STANLEY CUP BUT STILL (PART 1) Did you really think for a minute that the Montreal Canadiens, who backed into the NHL playoff round, had a hope in hell against the Washington Capitals? Me neither. (Montreal Gazette)

3 IT’S NOT THE STANLEY CUP BUT STILL (PART 2) The Globe and Mail’s John Doyle genuflects on the World Cup of Soccer trophy making a pit stop in Toronto, which is about as close as either the tournament is going to get to Canada in the foreseeable future, or about as close as any Canadian soccer player will ever get to carrying it.

4 DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO Remember Rahim Jaffer’s appearance at the House of Commons, where he denied any improprieties about using his wife’s office to get government contracts for his business partners? (Globe and Mail) The civil service didn’t get the message. (Toronto Star)

5 IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE After an Iranian Muslim cleric blamed a recent earthquake on women dressing, ummm, ‘provocatively,’ (Brisbane Times) a science geek at Purdue University does an experiment. Here’s her blog.

6 FIRST THEY CAME FOR MY FRIENDS ONLINE The Electronic Frontier Foundation tracks how the operators of Facebook.com have gradually amended their privacy policies to allow greater access to your information by corporations, and how you, as a user, have less ability to say no to this access.