1. LANDON DONOVAN, YOU BROKE THE INTERNET! Possible record high turnout on the internet when the Americans defeated Algeria …. (Mashable Tech)

2. SOUNDS FAMILIAR … The French surrender early (Sports Illustrated) as do the Italians (CBC Sports), the Americans arrive late (Sports Illustrated) and the English are left to take on the Germans (The Guardian).

3. SO MUCH FOR THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING (OR AT LEAST THE PROVOST OF AN AMERICAN MILITARY TAKEOVER) After Obama sh*tcans his military commander in Afghanistan for insubordination (New York Times), it’s pretty clear that NATO has lost in Afghanistan, and upper levels of the US military are desperately trying to pin the loss of an unwinnable war on Obama.

4. THE UGLY CANADIAN I wish I could see more of this kind of writing today … Go. Read. (NOW Magazine)

5. SASK-ATCH-EWAN R.I.P. Former Rider D-lineman Ron Atchison cheated death when he transferred to a later flight instead of boarding Trans Canad Air Lines Flight 810, (Wikipedia) which crashed into Mount Slesse just outside Chilliwack, BC in December 1956 (GenDisasters). Atchison, a member of the first Roughrider team to win the Grey Cup, died yesterday at the age of 80 (CBC Sports).

6. A HARD RAIN’S GONNA FALL — Oil rain is falling in Louisiana. Watch this … (YouTube)