1. HOGWARTS ALERT: BEWARE OF MUGGLES J.K. Rowling doesn’t think much of the British Tory Party’s policy on single mothers. (Boing Boing via Rusty Idols)

2. OH. YEAH. Pope Ratzzo is visiting Malta and some of the locals want to tear down a sculpture that could be interpreted as a phallic symbol. Yes. The man carries a long, hard staff to public events, wears satin gowns, and lives in a palace surrounded by young single men, as Fark.com notes. You don’t want to offend him (The Telegraph)

3. TEABAGGER ALERT The Texas governor advises ‘tea party’ demonstrators to make sure that they’re not infiltrated by liberals, making them into something they’re not. Like smart from all that booklearnin’ Or not Klansmen. (Houston Chronicle)

4. WELL, PAAAARRRRDON MEEEEEEE! Serge LeClerc said his pardon was a bigger accomplishment than Graham James’. (CBC Saskatchewan) The Jurist takes a look and called bulltweet. (Accidental Deliberations) He got it from Buckdog (buckdog). Does it make you wonder what else is fiction in LeClerc’s autobiography?

5. DON’T CALL ME ST. PETER, CAUSE I CAN’T GO Co-workers at the West Virginia coal mine where 29 died aren’t given time off work to attend the memorial service for the deceased. Company policy. (World Socialist Daily Forum)

6. RIDERS’ ROSTER SPOT OPENS It doesn’t look like Jason Armstead is going to make training camp — he’s charged by Mississippi police for breaking into a car and making off with his ex-girlfriend’s purse, and her gun. (Winnipeg Sun)