Rosie’s Thursday Top Six

ONE OF THESE THINGS IS NOT LIKE THE OTHER U.S. President Obama’s stirring eulogy for the dead in the Tucson shooting (Andrew Sullivan) contrasted with Sarah Palin’s Tea-Pity-Party eulogy for her political movement. (Andrew Sullivan).

ONE WAY OR ANOTHER Governments that won’t pay for mental health services will pay big bucks to incarcerate mentally ill people – such as, allegedly, the Tucson assassin – in jails. (Slog)

GIVE THEM HELL, GREGG Gregg Drinnan was a sourpuss of an individual when he was the Regina Leader-Post sports editor, and few missed his personality when he left the Queen City for the Kamloops Daily News. But, professionally, Drinnan possesses one quality neither his predecessor, Bob Hughes, nor his successor, Rob Vanstone don’t have – a genetic inability for turd polishing. That’s what’s got Drinnan into trouble with the WHL’s Kamloops Blazers, who are forgetting Mark Twain’s first axiom of dealing with journalists – never pick a fight with people who can buy ink by the barrel. (Leader-Post) I get the feeling the Blazers’ idea of ‘fair and balanced’ coverage is having Glenn Back in the broadcast booth.

SPEAKING OF WHICH … isn’t it amazing the things people can do with Photoshop? (Driftglass) He almost fits right in … (TBogg)

ON TARGET The Southland Mall lost its anchor tenant last year when Wal-Mart moved to its new store at Grasslands. There was a big sign on the old Wal-Mart, saying that it was going to be converted into a Zellers. My wife and I often wondered why renovating the facility and opening a new Zellers was taking so long – we figured that something must be very, very wrong with Zellers’ parent company’s finances if they couldn’t have the store open by the time of the Christmas shopping season. (I was later told that Wal-Mart’s lease on the old facility doesn’t expire until the spring, delaying Zellers’ renovations). Well, it looks as though they won’t have to rebrand the place twice: Target is buying Zellers. (Globe and Mail)

YOU MEAN, PEOPLE STILL LISTEN TO DIRE STRAITS? WELL, I LIKED MAKING MOVIES, BUT STILL … The CRTC tells radio stations not to play Dire Straits’ Money For Nothing because of gay-bashing lyrics. About the only people interested in the world in this issue would be (a) gays, and (b) Regina radio stations, whose playlists have been savagely cut by a third. (Toronto Star)

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

6 thoughts on “Rosie’s Thursday Top Six”

  1. Hey man, “Brothers in Arms” is one hell of a song.

    So you’re saying that “the little faggot with the earring and the makeup” line is now considered to be gay-bashing because of the F word? OH BROTHER. Can’t the CRTC ban Gormley and his leftist-bashing instead?

    I was wondering about the WalMart/Zellers thing too, thanks for looking into that. TARGET is buying Zellers from HBC?!! So how long until all the Zellerses become Targets and then move to box stores? And how long after that until the remaining indoor shopping centres turn into strip malls called “crossings”?

  2. The whole song both honours and makes fun of blue collar louts by being presented in their voice. It’s not the views of the band, it’s fucking character dialogue. The CRTC has its head up its bureaucracy.

    In any case, there is a radio-friendly version. Stations can’t play that? That’s what they used to play. I never heard the full lyrics until I bought the CD.

  3. I’m of two minds about this. Yes, it’s time for “faggot” to join the list of words you should have to think long and hard about before using in public; but “Money For Nothing” is clearly the _Huckleberry Finn_ of the MTV Era and deserves some respect!

  4. Barb: go read the Hark! A Vagrant post and look up the link. I think you might love it.

    Sorry for going off topic…

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