Rosie’s Six In The A.M.

1 LIKE LEAVING JABBA THE HUTT IN CHARGE OF THE FOOD BANK The same federal government that believes less government is the best government (unless you’re hosting an international conference, [Toronto Star], buying fighter jets [Ottawa Citizen] or setting up a communication system [Montreal Gazette]) is going to take over administration of the Attawapiskat reserve, the site of Canada’s Haiti (National Post). This won’t help because the problem isn’t so much wasted money as it is not enough money, (which is the fed’s fault) and the fact that the reserve has no economy to speak of (which isn’t the fed’s fault).

2 TRENT WOTHERSPOON’S NDP LEADERSHIP CAMPAIGN IS OFF TO A GOOD START – NOT Tuesday: The Saskatchewan NDP will abandon its election pledge to share resource revenues with aboriginal governments. (Leader Post) Wednesday: The Saskatchewan NDP will honor its election pledge to share resource revenues with aboriginal governments. (CBC Saskatchewan) Thursday … well, the morning is still young.

3 MOST REPORTERS SAID THAT ROB FORD WAS MAKING AN ASS OF HIMSELF, AS USUAL Rob Ford’s former press secretary goes to work for Sun News. (Globe and Mail) And Ford’s press office will no longer send press releases or answer phone calls from the Toronto Star. Which is fine because the mayor who assured Toronto that he could cut the city budget without cutting services or jobs is about to play Scrooge. (Toronto Star)

4 ALBERTA’S NEW DRUNK DRIVING LEGISLATION Attention rednecks who don’t like the Alberta government’s proposal to drop the impaired driving blood alcohol level down to .05: if you’re that outraged about it, maybe it says more about your drinking problem than it does about the Alberta government’s so-called ‘nanny state.’ (Calgary Herald)

5 THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN LESBIANS HAVE CHILDREN Presented with no comment, because I can’t say anything else about this Iowa son of a lesbian couple campaigning against that state’s proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages. (

6 ANOTHER WAR ON CHRISTMAS The Israeli government warns Jews that Christmas is a pagan festival promoted by people who want to eliminate their religion. (Gawker)

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN I was going to take Elvis Costello’s advice and NOT buy his box set released by the record company, if only because I didn’t have the money. (Daily Mail) But mentioning this gives me an opportunity to present to you, from BBC’s Top Of The Pops in 1978, Elvis Costello and the Impostors with Oliver’s Army.

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

21 thoughts on “Rosie’s Six In The A.M.”

  1. Re #5… I can make a comment and I will. I hope his moms are really, really proud of him, because they sure should be.

  2. 4. Not overly opposed to the lowering of the limit, but it’s not addressing the major issue with drunk driving – repeat drunk drivers who blow well over .08, who get their license back and immediately start driving drunk again. These repeat offenders cause the majority of incidents. The person who has two drinks at the Keg isn’t totally safe on the road, but it’s these blacked out drivers who need to be addressed.

  3. Gee the little leftie wingnut is breathing fire this morning must be that result in the Saskatchewan election.

  4. Trent Wotherspoon honed his social conscience as a teacher in the public system, most recently at the alternative Adult Campus located downtown. He was and is committed, energetic, and serious – but he is also young and as yet inexperienced in the political realm. He supported Dwain Lingenfelter for NDP leader with all sincerity but, in my view, mistakenly. Re-appointed as NDP finance critic, Trent is in the position of cleaning up the debris left behind by the ill-thought-out and politically suspect spending/sharing promises made by his former leader. Like the rest of his party (see Pat Atkinson’s interview in Planet S), he is employing spin; he’s just not very good at it. Yet.

  5. What do you mean, Brian? Is the “leftie wingnut” Rosie, or someone in one of the stories? Trent Wotherspoon? Rob Ford? Elvis Costello?

    If it is Rosie, how is he a leftie wingnut?

    It’s just not clear, Brian.

  6. I didn’t preface my comment with “if the reference is to Trent Wotherspoon” because I thought that the reference WAS clear.

  7. Thanks, #8 anonymous, I did get that; the address to “Brian” in #6 did alert me. What I was saying, perhaps not as well as I could have, was that I thought the reference was clear.

  8. Barb, for someone who is often on the site pointing out typos and things that are often minor, I am surprised that you are defending someone – #4 Brian Mouland – whose reference was not clear.

    Originally I thought the “little leftie wingnut” referred to Stephen LaRose and his editorial introductions to articles 1 and 3.

    The only thing that indicated it was about Trent W. is the phrase “the Saskatchewan election”. However, Brian Mouland’s comment makes no sense given the contents of the article. The election was a month ago – how does that explain an apparent flip-flop between Tuesday and Wednesday?

    When commenting on an article or a posted comment, make it clear what you are referring to. And please re-read your work before posting it, for grammar and spelling and logic. It does not have to be perfect, but it should be comprehensible.

  9. Oh, NATA, are you on the PD staff? Come clean! If you or others are irritated by the correction of errors,let me note that journalists should be held to a higher standard than writers of letters to the editor, or commentators on blogs. Why? Their business is communication, and therefore what might be “minor” for lesser mortals is not so for them.

    I was not defending Mr. Mouland; I was replying to him as I understood him, and attempting to respond positively not only to his remark but also to the rather snide headline of item #2. It seems that you and I have differing interpretations of who said/meant what, and if you have any inside info – such as a PD staffer might have – please feel free to share it.

    Yes, the election was a month ago, but for Mr. Mouland, and for that matter, for Mr. Wotherspoon, there is still leftover business to deal with (for the latter), and still some leftover gloating to do (for the former).

  10. Barb: Re #5 I don’t think the question is whether Trent has his heart in the right place. But doing such a public reversal on what was supposed to have been a major plank in the NDP’s campaign platform, giving meal-mouthed answers behind it, and then doing another 180 on the same issue barely 24 hours later looks incredibly bad for the NDP. Who’s minding the shop there?

  11. Brian Mouland Re #4: Do your parents allow you to drink before you post? Or do they just want to sleep in and so you can do whatever you want in the basement?

  12. I thought re#5 , was about : He who should be president someday, son of 2 women?

    Can’t go wrong with either Elvis.

  13. Trent W. will not beat an increasingly snarly and self-entitled arrogant Brad Wall in 2015.

  14. Brad Wall will become increasingly bored and disenchanted by 1. a weak opposition that doesn’t know what it’s doing; 2. a puppy-dog press keen for his constant approval and Twitter-friend status; and, 3. his own half-wit caucus, supported by a punch-drunk Saskatchewan.

    He will either leave or becoming terribly anti-social. My guess is his party will not capitalize on the massive cushion he created post-2015 and this will disgust him.

    As for the NDP, while the SP structurally is a short but super wide pyramid, with Wall and middle-aged cronies at top and eager, unpaid, half-clueless volunteers flooding the bottom, the NDP is almost an inverted pyramid, with seniors falling off the edges while self-interested middle-aged public union types try to run the party, creating a very marginal appeal to Sask at large and very paltry young grassroots, at least compared to the SP. The NDP will be in the woods for a long, long time after this. A weakened SP following 2015 may help it though, albeit at a reduced-expectations type of level.

  15. Belated jumping in: Barb, I liked your Wotherspoon comment and thought it was astute. I also thought it was a response to Rosie’s post rather than Brian’s comment. (Actually, it didn’t even occur to me you were replying to Brian. I can’t figure out what he’s talking about half the time — if you can, I salute your perception.)

    NATA isn’t a prairie dog staffer or writer. Prairie dog staffers and writers use their own names unless they have fun code names like McDuckling or Toontown Rat (who works at Planet S).

    Finally, I LIKE it when Barb points out typos. It makes reading the comments fun. So there.

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