1 LIKE LEAVING JABBA THE HUTT IN CHARGE OF THE FOOD BANK The same federal government that believes less government is the best government (unless you’re hosting an international conference, [Toronto Star], buying fighter jets [Ottawa Citizen] or setting up a communication system [Montreal Gazette]) is going to take over administration of the Attawapiskat reserve, the site of Canada’s Haiti (National Post). This won’t help because the problem isn’t so much wasted money as it is not enough money, (which is the fed’s fault) and the fact that the reserve has no economy to speak of (which isn’t the fed’s fault).

2 TRENT WOTHERSPOON’S NDP LEADERSHIP CAMPAIGN IS OFF TO A GOOD START – NOT Tuesday: The Saskatchewan NDP will abandon its election pledge to share resource revenues with aboriginal governments. (Leader Post) Wednesday: The Saskatchewan NDP will honor its election pledge to share resource revenues with aboriginal governments. (CBC Saskatchewan) Thursday … well, the morning is still young.

3 MOST REPORTERS SAID THAT ROB FORD WAS MAKING AN ASS OF HIMSELF, AS USUAL Rob Ford’s former press secretary goes to work for Sun News. (Globe and Mail) And Ford’s press office will no longer send press releases or answer phone calls from the Toronto Star. Which is fine because the mayor who assured Toronto that he could cut the city budget without cutting services or jobs is about to play Scrooge. (Toronto Star)

4 ALBERTA’S NEW DRUNK DRIVING LEGISLATION Attention rednecks who don’t like the Alberta government’s proposal to drop the impaired driving blood alcohol level down to .05: if you’re that outraged about it, maybe it says more about your drinking problem than it does about the Alberta government’s so-called ‘nanny state.’ (Calgary Herald)

5 THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN LESBIANS HAVE CHILDREN Presented with no comment, because I can’t say anything else about this Iowa son of a lesbian couple campaigning against that state’s proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages. (MoveOn.org)

6 ANOTHER WAR ON CHRISTMAS The Israeli government warns Jews that Christmas is a pagan festival promoted by people who want to eliminate their religion. (Gawker)

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN I was going to take Elvis Costello’s advice and NOT buy his box set released by the record company, if only because I didn’t have the money. (Daily Mail) But mentioning this gives me an opportunity to present to you, from BBC’s Top Of The Pops in 1978, Elvis Costello and the Impostors with Oliver’s Army.