1 ENGLAND’S NOT GOING TO GET OUT OF THE FIRST PLAYOFF ROUND IN EURO 2012, DESPITE ANYTHING NEWSTALK’S SARAH MILLS SAYS, SO THIS IS MUCH ADO ABOUT NOT MUCH Team England is in disarray after Fabio Capello resigns as manager. He quit a couple of days after The England Football Association stripped John Terry of the club captainship after he was accused of uttering racist statements to another player (the brother of onetime England captain Rio Ferdinand) during Premier League play late last year, and Capello was openly critical of that move.

Of course, there are many things at play here: First of all, the England FA shouldn’t be picking the team players and their roles: that’s what they hired Capello – at six million pounds sterling (about $11M CDN) to do. Secondly, if Capello went public slagging his bosses – as he did – then he was begging to be fired. And thirdly, keeping John Terry around – not to mention the rest of the duds who couldn’t even beat the United States in the World Cup in South Africa – just shows that the youth development process in English soccer must have seized up. Why keep the washouts around? They’ve already proven they’re not going to win anything.

And, one other thing. Any coincidence that the likely choice for England manager – Harry Redknapp – was cleared in court on tax evasion charges just at the time Capello’s position was being undermined by the FA?

2 SPEAKING OF OLD FOGEYS HANGING ON PAST THEIR BEST BEFORE DATE Gene Makowsky appears to be in the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ plan for the 2012 season, making a mockery of Makowsky’s work as a full-time MLA and the Roughriders’ youth movement on the o-line (which collectively ran out of gas about two-thirds of the way through the last season) at the same time.

3 YOU KNOW HOW THOSE FITNESS MAGAZINES HAVE THOSE ‘FROM FLABBY TO FIT’ PHOTOS? Ever wonder how they get those photos? BoingBoing shows you how.

4 YEAH, BUT DO YOU BELIEVE IT? Before the last federal election, Stephen Harper forced Statistics Canada to alter the Canadian census in such a manner that the census material we’re collecting is unreliable. So, we’re now supposed to believe the stats that Statistics Canada is bringing forth now? Or is it something that’s been altered to say what Stephen Harper wants us to believe?

5 THAT’S OKAY, NOBODY READS THERE ANYWAY The state of California has cut its financial assistance to the library system.

6 SURE MAKE A FOOL OUT OF YOURSELF. JUST WHY YOU DO YOU HAVE TO DO IT INTERNATIONALLY? Remember Stephen Harper’s China policy in 2006? Me neither. But when you regard your job as Canadian Prime Minister as being the chief gas-pump jockey, you don’t care who pays for the tank of gas, or how they got the money to pay for it.

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN Eddie Veder covers The Beatles’ You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away.