6 in the Morning1. ANN COULTER, FREE SPEECH MARTYR? Shorter Toronto Globe and Mail: So what if she’s demanding the right of free speech that she won’t grant people who oppose her? She’s a blonde and if Fox News has taught us anything, blondes are right about everything! (Globe and Mail)

2. IGGY’S GONE DOWN tale a look at the collection of comments The Jurist has collected from Liberal-friendly blogs (Accidental Deliberations) and those not so friendly to the Grits (Accidental Deliberations. Right now, I don’t think the Liberal Party of Canada could organize a fake orgasm on the set of a sex video involving Ron Jeremy.

3. THE GRAVE OF BARBARA FRUM IS SPINNING AT 1300 RPM How screwed up is the Republican Party of the United States? One of George W. Bush’s speechwriters — the gomer who took credit for the phrase ‘axis of evil’ and a Canadian to boot — is now one of the few voices of sanity remaining on the conservative spectrum. (Crooks and Liars). Glenn Beck will soon call for David Frum’s stoning.

4. MAYBE ANN COULTER WOULD FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE IN THE REDNECK PARTS IN THIS PROVINCE The Quebec government attempts to ban the niqab. Reasonabile accomodation is always in the eyes of the beholder. (CBC.ca/montreal)

5. HMMMM … Ever notice that the Conservative government is no longer oinking about electing senators? Well, they let the American right wing do all the heavy intellectual lifting for them … and this Texas House of Representatives gomer doesn’t believe Americans should directly elect senators, but have senators appointed by the state legislature. (Crooks and Liars)

6. SCHOLARSHIP WOES Even though I’m of two minds regarding this latest U of R controversy, (Leader-Post), Jeffrey Webber is right about one thing. Canadian society is spending a lot more time glorifying our contribution to NATO’s effort in Afghanistan than figuring out why we’re there in the first place. Every society pays ‘lip service’ to its ‘heroes’: Hitler banned champagne and brandy from the Fuherbunker in honor of the ‘heroes of Stalingrad. Fat lot of good that did anybody.