CALGARY’S PETROLEUM CLUB Probably the best analysis of why Naheed Nenshi is now Calgary’s new mayor comes courtesy the blog of Calgary’s alt-weekly, FFWD, and Calgary Grit, (the comments section of Daveberta’s post are really good, too) while the Globe and Mail has a good analysis about how the establishment candidate, Ric McIver, lost, and what it’s done to the careers of longtime federal and provincial Conservative backroom boys who promoted him.

CJME SENIOR REPORTER (AND ENGLSISH SOCCER FAN) SARAH MILLS Wayne Rooney wants out of Manchester United because, he says, the club isn’t going to spend money to bring in the best players to win titles. (The Guardian) If I’m a ManU fan, I’m thinking that what’s happening at Old Trafford is eerily similar to the last days of the Hicks-Gillette reign of error at Liverpool. (The Independent) The EPL is in a lot – a LOT — of financial trouble.

THE SASKATCHEWAN ECONOMY – When the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix editorial board calls baloney on your plan for BHP Billiton’s buyout of PCS, you know you have problems (hat tip to Accidental Deliberations.)

JIM DALEY’S AND GARRY ETCHEVERRY’S CAREERS – Shorter version: Not My Fault! I only coach them! (Leader-Post)

THE SASKATCHEWAN NDP Murray Mandryk raises some pretty good points in his post-Saskatoon Northwest by-election column. (Leader-Post) The general consensus has been that the 1990s were, perversely, good for the NDP because most of the young people – who, in Saskatchewan’s case, would be more likely to vote against what they perceived to be their dad’s party – left the province. If this is true, then the NDP’s rebuilding job is going to be more prolonged than expected if only because there’s really no youth talent to step up … people such as who Calgary just elected mayor, for example.

BRETT FARVE’S INTEGRITY Bill Maher. Go. Read. (Huffington Post)